2004 Conference Proceedings

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Adam Wing
Laureate Learning Systems
110 East Spring Street
Winooski, VT 05404
Phone: 802-655-4755
Fax: 802-655-4757
Email: adamw@laureatelearning.com

For over 10 years, Laureate's Seven Stage Linguistic Hierarchy has provided educators with a guide for selecting appropriate software. Now we have created the Laureate Assessment Questionnaire to help educators find the correct Language Functioning stage of their students. Additionally, we provide CD demos allowing educators to try the software with the students in order to recommend specific programs for language training. In the first part of this workshop participants will learn how to use these valuable materials.

In the years since Laureate Learning Systems published the original versions of First Words, First Words II, First Verbs, advances in linguistic theory and child language research have greatly enriched our knowledge of early language acquisition. Additionally, advances in technology now allow for increased efficiency in providing individualized lesson delivery and student performance data management. Laureate's new Sterling Edition software is the culmination of this new knowledge and technology.

All Sterling Editions utilize Laureate's new Sterling Administration System. This innovative management system lets you easily build and maintain student files, individualize program settings, analyze performance data, and write reports. By providing a single interface for using multiple programs with an unlimited number of students, the Sterling Administration System offers maximum flexibility and control. Additionally, every Sterling Edition incorporates Optimized Intervention technology. This system selects appropriate training material and adjusts the instructional support in relation to emerging skills and competencies, resulting in highly individualized and efficient language instruction. The system also features extensive data collection and reporting capabilities, thereby greatly simplifying the process of tracking student progress and generating reports detailing areas of strength and weakness. During the second part of the workshop, we will cover the following areas of the new Sterling Administration System:

Next, we will create a student and learn how Optimized Intervention:

Finally, we will use data that we have generated during the workshop along with real-life data to create a variety of reports:

In conclusion, participants will leave this workshop with the skills and tools necessary to provide a quick and accurate assessment of the language functioning stage of their students. Additionally, participants will have the experience necessary to use the Sterling Editions programs to provide language intervention while creating reports necessary for educator accountability.

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