2004 Conference Proceedings

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Sally Long
Lisa Petit
Mayer-Johnson, Inc.
6650 Flanders Drive, Suite F
San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: 800-588-4548
Email: lisa@mayer-johnson.com

This lab will provide participants an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the many uses of Speaking Dynamically Pro in addition to providing them with hands-on experience using the program. The focus of this session will be the use of the new SD Pro templates to quickly and easily create fun, interactive activities on the computer.

The session will begin with an overview of SD Pro. Participants will learn the many ways to use SD Pro, both for communication and to create interactive, instructional activities. Activities that will be shared include interactive books, adapted writing activities, social stories, student portfolios, adapted theme-based units, and more. Participants will learn about the many features of SD Pro that will allow students of any age and cognitive level to access and learn from the computer. In addition, participants will be shown how students that are users of any access method will be able to access and benefit from SD Pro. Looking at a variety of types of boards and activities created with SD Pro will provide participants with a broad understanding of how the program can be used.

In addition, participants will learn some of the many benefits that Speaking Dynamically Pro can offer students in a classroom setting including: reinforcing curriculum concepts, actively involving students in an inclusive setting, providing assessments on the computer and training individuals on using symbols, switches and dynamic displays.

To begin the lab portion of this session, participants will be introduced to the new templates available for use with SD Pro. These templates allow users to more quickly and easily create a variety of activities including interactive books, writing activities, dictionary pages, recipes and much more. The lab will use these templates as a starting place to learn SD Pro.

Using clearly defined tutorials and the presenters' guided instruction, participants will create an interactive book with SD Pro templates. The lab will walk each participant through the steps of opening templates, using Boardmaker to get symbols, changing the spoken message, and linking pages. In addition, participants will link their interactive books to the bookshelf template to demonstrate how students could independently access and read the interactive books created. Each page of the short book that will be created addresses different features of SD Pro and beginning skills for creating and programming.

Participants will be guided through the process of bringing digital images into their books. In addition, PCS Animations will be available for participants to incorporate into their boards and watch their books come to life!

The aim of this session is for participants to both understand a variety of applications for SD Pro including communication and instructional activities and to gain a hands-on understanding of programming features and tricks using templates. After creating an interactive on-screen book, participants will have learned the essential skills necessary for creating on SD Pro. Each participant of this lab will leave with a CD of templates and a new perspective on how easy it is to use SD Pro.

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