2004 Conference Proceedings

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Picture It and PixWriter: Great Tools for Students with Autism

Jean & Jim Slater
Slater Software, Inc.
351 Badger Lane
Guffey, CO 80820
Phone: 719-479-2255
Fax: 719-479-2254
Email: jean@slatersoftware.com 
Email: jim@slatersoftware.com

Picture-supported text provides graphic clues that frequently mean students on the autism continuum can gain communication and literacy skills. Add voice-output and they learn to connect the visual to auditory signals. Many lessons are required to be adapted for these children. Striving to improve communication is the focus for all of them.

This lab will begin with an overview of the programs but immediately emphasize how to make materials with Picture It, and vocabulary setups with PixWriter, to be used specifically with this student population. Attendees will learn how to make picture materials for exchange systems. They will learn how to make a variety of schedules: for an entire day, for specific class sequences, for accomplishing daily-living tasks. Social stories for all ages will be made, as well as picture + text materials supporting academic curriculum. PixWriter setups will focus on both oral and written communication needs. Ways to involve children on both ends of the spectrum will be a significant part of the lab.

All age levels will be covered in the training so teachers working with older students who have very low communication abilities will have ideas for age-appropriate materials and setups. Free software will be given at the close of the session to two lucky winners.

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