2004 Conference Proceedings

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GW Micro
Clarence Whaley
725 Airport North Office Park
Fort Wayne, IN 46825

Phone: 615-383-6248
Email: clarence@gwmicro.com

During this session, we will examine the many relationships GW Micro has formed with major companies and how these relationships enhance the lives of people who are blind.

One such relationship is with Citrix. In the past, the doors were closed for people who are blind who sought employment with major companies using Citrix, due to the graphical interface used. Now those barriers are gone and we will access a Citrix server to show you the power of this amazing technological breakthrough. People who are blind can now walk up to any computer in the world which has the Citrix client installed, access Window-Eyes, even though it isn't installed on that machine, and accomplish their daily tasks, which could not be done in the past.

As was true with Citrix, Microsoft terminal services and remote desktop were totally inaccessible in the past. Now GW Micro and Window-Eyes is the only company to offer complete access to all of these. Remote desktop plus Windows-Eyes allows a person who is blind remote access and control of other computers, thus opening new worlds of support capabilities, accessibility, and control in the IT world. Now employment opportunities, such as System Administrator, with major corporations are available.

Window-Eyes has always been the leader on the Internet, but now even Window-Eyes has taken a giant step forward. Watch as we show you that Window-Eyes is now totally W3C compliant. Such things as headings, paragraphs, anchors, links, tables, embedded tables, controls, block quotes, forms, and all the essential elements are now verbally visible. As a person who is blind, it is a real pleasure to at last be able to access web pages and obtain the same information that is enjoyed by my sighted colleagues. On-line ordering, on-line searches, and much more, are now made easy. Yes, there is still a need to occasionally yell at web designers but now due to the power of Window-Eyes, the yelling can be softer and less frequent. We will demonstrate the amazing verbosity settings and how you can control what you hear and when you hear it with Window-Eyes.

For example, let's look at some of those links which reveal nothing but numbers and gibberish. Using one simple keystroke in Window-Eyes, we can find out whether all of the gibberish pertains to a "buy" button, a .jpg, or just a link that should have had an alt-tag attached. Sometimes we all feel that we are not getting enough information from a webpage, or the chatter is overwhelming. We will examine how you can control the information you hear either for this session or permanently. Too much chatter can be just as annoying as not enough.

Microsoft Office has always been a challenge, especially such applications as Access and PowerPoint. We will examine what Window-Eyes has done to improve this access and, again, increase the employment opportunities for people who are blind.

Now with Window-Eyes and its ability to perform with Citrix Metaframe, Microsoft Terminal Services 2003, Microsoft Office, and all the W3C features, you would think that development is finished. But obviously, that will never happen. For example, we will show you our wonderful error-reporting feature and how it has made Window-Eyes the "rock solid" product you have learned to expect from GW Micro.

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