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Jacques Cote,
Mylene Cote,
Chantale Harvey
Braille Jymico inc.
4545, 1 ere Avenue
Charlesbourg, Quebec, Canada G1H 2S8
Phone: 418-624-2105
Fax: 418-624-0994
Email: jcote@braillejymico.com 
Email: myleneco@braillejymico.com

A big part of our work at Braille Jymico consists of developing new processes to produce tactile graphics that will suit our clients' needs. You already know Thermoform graphics, as shown on this page (thermoform Tecso). You surely also know that this process is well-known, used in many countries and very appreciated all over the world. What you may not know is that our metal masters are drawn on a computer, which means that our tactile graphics are extremely accurate. This way, we avoid problems with damaging and warehousing the masters. We can also make any modifications to a graphic, such as flip from contracted to uncontracted (or vice-versa) or change the language from French to English. We then keep the new version for further requests.

These are metal masters used to make tactile graphics on Thermoform paper. (CD products et services page 1)

I was mentioning earlier that Braille Jymico expends a lot of effort in research and development of new revolutionary processes in the tactile graphic field. For example, Engineers at Braille Jymico have perfected a new printing method for the production of tactile graphics through an ink deposit process. The drawing is first computerized then transmitted via computer to the Graphtact machine, which reproduces it on regular Braille paper within a few minutes. To facilitate reading, three levels of embossing are available, that is, light, medium and high.

(CD Graphiques page 1 ) Here are three examples of tactile graphics produced with Graphtact.

(CD Graphiques page 1 ) I will have an example on which are illustrated the three levels of relief circulate among you. You will be able to see and to feel them.

2 : Massonite Masters

Another of Braille Jymico's realizations are the Massonite masters. These masters are sturdy, hard and precise. The quality of the Thermoform copies is remarkable. The Thermoform sheet is made by suction contrarily to the regular thermoform process of relief on a foil master. However, these masters are produced only when a quantity of 100 or more copies are requested, due to high production costs.

When handling these thermoform sheets, you will quickly see the details and the precision of the lines. Any questions?

3 : Website Use

Now, I will show you how to look for the graphics on our website, how to find them, to view them and to order them. Of course, tactile graphics that have never been produced by Braille Jymico can also be ordered. We will eagerly produce them for you.

http://www.braillejymico.com (home page image)

Welcome to Braille Jymico !

Your choice of language: French or English

Our main menu appears, comprising 8 subjects : Scientific braille production, Tactile graphics, Literary braille, Music braille production, Personalized braille cards, Visit our online catalogue, Message from the President and how to reach us via e-mail for any question, order or suggestion. Since all other sections are strictly informative, we will limit our navigation instructions here to the one titled 'Visit our online catalogue'.

Click on 'Visit our online catalogue' to access in a few clicks some 1,400 listed titles, including about 67,000 tactile graphics!

Your research will take you to the limit of your imagination…ENJOY YOUR VISIT!

Now, let's explore together!!

You are informed here of all novelties at Braille Jymico. The content of this page is updated regularly and provides interesting links with respect to transcription into Braille, our area of expertise.

The catalogue menu is located at the top of your screen. It is divided into 8 categories, which are in turn subdivided into sub-categories. To see them, simply position your cursor on one of the categories with the help of your mouse (no clicking is necessary). In a glance, you can see the various items available in that category.

We will now give you two examples to assist in your research.

Let's first say that you wish to obtain a map of South America in the form of a tactile graphic. Geography is a science. Position you cursor on 'Sciences' then click on 'Geography'. The titles under 'Geography' appear on the screen in alphabetical order.

For information on existing tactile graphics under a specific title, just click on said title. Let's click on WORLD - Adventures in Time and Place.

There is an essential information for your research amongst the various specifications pertaining to this volume such as title, author, editor, copyright date, ISBN number and so on. It appears on the right hand side at the bottom of your screen, just before 'Légende / Key' and shows the number of tactile graphics included in this document (point to the digit next to #G).

In this case, there are 348.

To visualize the graphics, simply use the scroll bar on your right. The graphics are identical to those contained in the volume titled WORLD - Adventures in Time and Place.

Using your mouse and without clicking, position your cursor on a precise graphic to obtain the number associated with the graphic which you will need to place your order. To obtain a closer view, click on the graphic itself, not on the text, then click, for example, on graphic #044.jpg of document 00rnh170. An enlarged better defined graphic appears. This is indeed a map of South America. Take note of the volume title and the graphic number (044.jpg).

It is important to mention here that should you see red, green or blue colors on your screen, they will not be reproduced on the tactile graphic. These colors are a code representing the relief level used when creating the graphic.

Also, page numbering can be deleted upon your request.

Let's go through the procedure again using a second example.

You wish to see a graphic illustrating the structure of a human hearth. We will direct our research to 'Biology', which is also a science. Consequently, we must return to the Catalogue menu under 'Sciences', then click on sub-category 'Biology'.


This volume includes 1,528 tactile graphics. Use the scroll bar to visualize all graphics of interest for your research. There again you can see in a glance a display of all graphics pertaining to parts of the human body.

Let's get a closer look at graphic # 1086. This graphic illustrates the complexity of the human hearth. Let's enlarge the picture to enable us to go over the details.

Close the window to return to the complete set of graphics included in this volume and repeat the operation on each graphic of particular interest.

Over and above the 67,000 titles already available, new titles are regularly added on our site as we produce new books .

Take advantage of our offer right away and…SEE WHAT YOU CAN DISCOVER !

4: Distribution des kits promo

My colleague is now passing demonstration books that illustrate all three possible printing processes, thermoform, Graphtact and metal masters. Please, give them back at the end of the workshop. If you have any questions regarding these graphics, do not hesitate to ask.

5 : Prices

If you wish to order some graphics, here are the prices and methods of payment

3$ per thermoform graphic
5$ per Graphtact graphic

Minimum order of 50$ You may pay with Visa Free shipping (Free mater for the Blind)

Discount on quantity:
501$ to 1500$ = 5% discount
1501$ to 2500$ = 10% discount
2501$ and more = 20% discount

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