2004 Conference Proceedings

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Accessing Mac OS X with Discover

Mark A. Sardo
Training Specialist - Madentec Limited
4664 99th Street
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6E 5H5
Toll Free: (877) 623-3682 ext. 300
Fax: (386) 575-0664
Cell: (407) 529-5916
Email: marks@madentec.com
Website: http://www.madentec.com

At the time of this proposal, Madentec Limited is working diligently on Discover software for the Apple Mac OS X. This session will provide participants with an inside look at this exciting new product as it will take advantage of all of the powerful features of Apple's latest operating system! We will begin with an introduction to Discover and how it may be implemented in the Mac OS X environment to meet a wide variety of needs for persons with disabilities. Strategies will be provided on how to adjust Discover to meet each individual's needs. We will provide instruction on how Discover hardware is installed - including USB connectivity and quickly move into the effective use of Discover within this powerful operating system.

The Discover computer access product line (Discover:Screen - a software only, on-screen keyboard alternative; Discover:Board - a large keyboard and mouse alternative; Discover:Switch - a switch/scanning keyboard and mouse alternative; and Discover:Kenx - a product that incorporates all of the features of Screen, Board, and Switch) provides a wide range of accommodations to meet a variety of user needs with physical disabilities. Discover:Kenx for Mac OS X will also feature the Morse Code access strategy. As always, Discover:Kenx will allow multiple users access to one computer system - thus, making Discover:Kenx the ideal tool for classrooms that only have one computer with several users who need customized computer access, and for assistive technology evaluation teams.

The Mac OS X release of Discover is part of the Madentec's larger plan to eliminate the "boundaries" of operating systems. With the complete rewrite of the Discover software (beginning with Mac OS X) setups created on the Mac will be interchangeable with Discover for Windows (future release) eliminating the concerns of one platform being available at work or school, and a different platform at home.

Discover:Create is the editing tool used to create setups for Discover access. We will provide instruction on how to use this valuable piece of software to create solutions quickly and easily.

This session will provide the opportunity to witness Madentec's commitment to the Discover product line and to people with disabilities who have a need for sophisticated and automated computer access strategies. We welcome everyone to take the challenge of using Discover as the access strategy for Mac OS X!

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