2004 Conference Proceedings

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Joni Nygard, M.S. CCC-SLP
Director Speech & Language Development
Attainment Company, Inc.
Phone: 800-327-4269

Learn five different ways to create overlays or more for your Go Talks. And more…updates on current Go Talk developments. We need your input!

This session will focus on Communication Overlay making utilizing different tools. Session will include brief overview of Boardmaker software and demonstration of Go Talk Overlay software. In addition, individuals will have opportunity to see and hear stories about Go Talk overlays created for students with visual impairments through use of object and tactile materials. We'll also look at how actual photos or pictures can be used directly on an overlay for other students.

Each person is unique in how they might choose to create their overlays. Be sure that your client has choices in his/her communication system. And if you are creating the overlay for specific activity, be sure you try to utilize the vocabulary to complete a similar activity. You may want to make changes before a student even see the overlay you thought was perfect for the science class lab on butterflies!

Presenter will also elicit information from audience on current practical applications of the Go Talk series of devices in addition to her own clinical stories. Many of the best brainstorm ideas come from a room full of folks with common interest and outcomes. The commonality of most families, therapists, and educators is the strong desire to have individuals who rely on augmentative alternative communication strategies relay or communicate messages in a functional and meaningful manner.

In order to creatively communicate one must be clear on what their individual resources are to make overlays. Each of us work in different settings and may have different tools
(a list of material resources will be available) team members, or people available to meet our goals. Reasonable consideration will be given to a variety of resource options. Have you thought about peer buddies creating overlays? How about an art class within your district? Do you have a building janitor or principal who does woodwork as a hobby? How can you best engage others help in creating communication boards for one of your students? I believe strongly in the power of direct communication between consumers and individuals who may be of assistance on a given project.

And before time is up, we'll also want to talk about new Go Talk product developments. This is a chance for you to identify your needs. What features do you want to see within these tools or a similar tool? Please bring your ideas and honest feedback on how the students or consumers you've worked with pragmatically use the Go Talks. And what you wish he/she could do using this tool? Being a therapist myself, I know there are many features that Ben, Jim, maybe it is little Susie who needs x in order to succeed. We truly want to hear from you regarding Go Talks and potential developments on the horizon. We know that low tech strategies and devices can be cost effective and successful. We want you to be successful in your augmentative alternative communication experiences. So Come to Learn Creative Overlay Making and to Talk about "more".

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