2004 Conference Proceedings

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Nancilu McClellan, President
Metroplex Voice Computing, Inc.
P.O. Box 121984, Arlington, TX 76012
Phone: 817-261-1658
Fax: 817-543-1103
Website: http://www.mathtalk.com 
Email: mathtalk@mathtalk.com 

Metroplex Voice Computing, Inc. (MVC) continues to be the leader in speech recognition mathematics products for the physically/visually challenged.

Voice Math - MathTalk's New Developments!
MathTalk/ScientificNotebook, MathTalk/Scientific WorkPlace, MathTalk for VI/LD, MathPad ByVoice. Use with ALL versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 6.0/7.0 Professional/ Preferred/Standard/Essentials.

This presentation will demonstrate voicing math using any version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 6.0 or 7.0 - MathTalk/Scientific Notebook 5.0 and MathPad by Voice. Includes voicing math into Braille, as well as voicing the graphs and the Windows calculator! A discussion of assessing the user and system requirements will also be included in this presentation.

Assessment of Speech Recognition User:

MathTalk/ScientificNotebook for Dragon Naturally Speaking- MT/SN

MathTalk/Scientific Notebook 5.0 combined with any version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 6.0 or 7.0 (Professional, Preferred, Standard, Essentials) - the perfect combination for voicing mathematics and text dictation. Our new MathTalk has an Enhanced List of "sentence commands" which allows the user to speak more variables within a single command.

This demonstration of MT/NS will show:

  1. Beginning with "train initial commands".
  2. Use of Training Modules for learning/training different levels of math--pre-algebra, algebra, trig, calculus, stat. For example, to train algebra, say "train algebra".
  3. Using voice commands to search MathTalk for help.
  4. Using the Enhanced List to speak variables-with-variables in a single command to accomplish math FASTER!
  5. Use of voice commands to translate the math into Braille in the Duxbury Braille Translator 10.3/10.4 .
  6. Text addition to MathTalk with Dragon NaturallySpeaking (DNS) 7.0 by saying "show dictation box", dictate text, then say "OK". If using DNS 6.0, also add text easily to MathTalk by saying "go to dragon", dictate the text, and then say "go to MathTalk".
  7. Videos accessible by voice commands which show the use of special features of the product!

MathTalk/ScientificNotebook for Naturally Speaking- MT/SWP

This demonstration of MT/SWP will show:

  1. LaTex which is the industry standard for mathematics typesetting.
  2. Formatting and typesetting.

These features make this product different than MT/SN.

MathTalk For Visually Impaired & Learning Disabilities - MT VI/LD

This product is designed for persons who are Visually Impaired or have Learning Disabilities.

This program is our MathTalk/Scientific Notebook 5.0 with "echo" and "highlight" features, as well as a brief highlight of the math that is created by the voice command. For use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 6.0 or 7.0. For purposes of the readback, it is necessary to use the Professional or Preferred version.

This demonstration will show:

  1. How a student voices the mathematics
  2. An "echo" of the math as it is placed on the screen.
  3. The highlight of the math accomplished by that command.
  4. The math translated into Braille in the Duxbury Braille Translator.

MathPad By Voice

MathPad By Voice allows the user to voice arithmetic and works with ALL Dragon NaturallySpeaking products 6.0 & 7.0 : Professional, Preferred, Standard, Essentials.

Using MathPad By Voice is the easiest entree into speech recognition! The vocabulary is restricted -- number(s) 1-9, borrow from ..., carry the..., etc. are some examples of the voice commands. This program has an optional toggle readback of entries, rows, problem. The user may use also utilize a combination of the keyboard and voice to input entries.

This demonstration of MathPad By Voice will show:

  1. Voicing arithmetic using MathPad.
  2. Optional toggle for readback of each entry.
  3. Optional toggle for readback of problem and/or row.
  4. Option to voice and key program.
  5. Font can be enlarged to 72.
  6. Adding a new problem.
  7. Correcting a wrong answer.

(C), (TM), (R) - Metroplex Voice Computing, Inc., Duxbury Systems, Inc., Microsoft, ScanSoft, Inc., MacKichan Software, Inc., InfoUse, Inc. (c) - Metroplex Voice Computing, Inc, 2000, All Rights Reserved

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