2004 Conference Proceedings

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Peggy Barker, MS, ATP
Applied Assistive Technology
1874 Silvana Ln
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Learn to use an IntelliTools Classroom Suite template to create interactive AAC scrapbooks and student portfolios during this hands-on presentation. Use digital photos, communication symbols, text, speech output and animation to support and document an AAC users' interactive communication, achievements, and organizational, behavioral, memory and AT needs.

AAC Scrapbooks (Kalashian and Barker, 2001) are an effective and "user friendly" means to support many communication functions within school and work environments. AAC Scrapbooks are used primarily as an interactive communication tool to attract communication partners and create a focus for initiating and maintaining a conversation, support communication of current events and recall of past events, and provide visual language models (e.g., aided language stimulation). AAC Scrapbooks also serve as an organizational and behavioral management tool to support monthly and daily schedules/calendars, transitions within daily schedules and participation within activities of daily living. AAC Scrapbooks are also used as a student portfolio to document and share information regarding an AAC user's tools and strategies, interests and skills and progress through the year.

AAC Scrapbooks can be created with IntelliTools Classroom Suite using IntelliTalk 3, IntelliPics Studio 3 and IntelliMathics 3. A template to create AAC scrapbooks and student portfolios has been designed for Classroom Suite with integrated writing, graphics, math, animation, speech output, answer checking and word prediction. These electronic scrapbooks can be printed and used as manual communication systems or used on the computer. Templates can be customized so that students can create their own scrapbooks. With Classroom Suite students can see and listen to text associated with pictures when the picture is pasted into a text box as well as paste the picture as a graphic.

In this hands-on presentation, participants will work with digital photographs to create scrapbooks with backgrounds of familiar environments, a student's tools and strategies for educational participation and text to encourage commenting, asking partner-focused questions, telling and retelling personal stories, and the use of developmentally and age-appropriate vocabulary. Captions used to describe pictures will include words that allow for interaction, express individuality, control the behavior of others, express imagination, seek information, and provide information.

The template includes a variety of activities to create pages of a scrapbook. Materials for several themes are incorporated into this template including those to address personal information about the student, student use of Assistive Technology, student achievements, school work samples, school activities, seasons, field trips and holidays. Taking advantage of the features of IntelliTools Classroom Suite, participants will use menus of photos and text to create a sample scrapbook. They will learn to modify the template to customize the scrapbooks for their students and environments.


Kalashian, Verjene, MA, CCC-SLP and Peggy Barker, MS, ATP "AAC Scrapbooks To Support Social Communication And Student Portfolios",

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