2004 Conference Proceedings

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Tatsuo Nishizawa
Shinano Kenshi / Plextor
Email: tnishizawa@skcj.co.jp

Nori Akabane
Email: akabane@plextor.com

In today's market, consumers are demanding choices, not only with choice in products, but choice of access. They want to choose where and when they will access information or entertainment. This is also applicable in Digital Talking Books fields.

To address this market requirement for new technological products, we are developing the PlexTalk product family. CD-based talking book players named PlexTalk is the first commercially available DAISY player in the world; advanced CD recordable technologies such as the Plextalk Portable Recorder PTR1; PC recording software such as PlexTalk Recording Software; and the networked solutions.

The PlexTalk Portable Recorder PTR1 is a CD based DAISY player and recorder. This portable CD recorder has capable of creating live DAISY CD without any PC support. Also it has capable of recording music at standard audio CD format.

This smart CD recorder realize easy recording by visually impaired person himself or herself to create the personal DAISY libraries. In addition, the advanced editing function enables the narrator to make a DAISY book directory, it realize efficient DAISY book production.

Turn to the next subject, we should stress on DAISY book distribution.
Appearance of DAISY Digital Talking Books dramatically improves the accessibility of information. It is capable to direct jump to the specified page. However, in the viewpoint whether it can receive timely by knowing existence of books, it is almost the same situation as the legacy cassette tape books. Since the high-speed network technology such as ADSL is taking off, this infrastructure realize high-speed transmission for the rich contents, such as DAISY audio books. So, this infrastructure presents a good opportunity to realize on demand DAISY books delivery system called Net-Plextalk. The first field trial of Net-Plextalk system was held from September 2001 to February 2002. This year we will launch the service in commercially base.

Also, we will introduce simple DAISY CD player this year. This player has a simplified interface that supports basic DAISY navigation, with durable and reliable feature will fit the leisure book reader around the world.

About Shinano Kenshi / Plextor
In 1998, Shinano Kenshi / Plextor became the first company to ship a CD based DAISY player for the visually impaired. Since 1993, Shinano Kenshi/Plexor has been deeply involved in the project to develop a special CD player for the visually handicapped, with worldwide field trials held in 1996. In 1998 the first DAISY CD player was launched.

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