2004 Conference Proceedings

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Jane Odom
Prentke Romich
8212 Loggers Run
Charleston, SC 29470
Phone: 1-800-262-2984 ext. 476
Email: janeodom@earthlink.net

Carol Shockley
3545 Cruse Road, Suite 312
Lawrenceville, GA 30044
Phone: 770-279-1144
Email: carol@dunamisinc.com

Motivation is a key ingredient in the consumer's success with an Augmentative Communication Device using the Unity Minspeak Language. This presentation demonstrates how the capability to run standard application software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, from an Aug Com device can be leveraged to create a stimulating environment in which to teach the user the icon sequences that lead rapidly to successful expressive communication and mastery of the device.

Communication devices can now do so much more that simply speak a message. It is to our advantage to make use of this technology and utilize the full capabilities to enhance our users experience with communication. We have looked at the computer emulation capabilities of a variety of devices and discovered some unique ways for therapists, teachers and parents to use the device in a motivating, downright fun method of teaching language and concepts using the versatility of Microsoft PowerPoint. We have discovered that PowerPoint is an application that is widely available and many of us use already. We have taken highly motivational characters and concepts that appeal to variety of users and created some unique presentations that are totally interactive. It is through these activities that the user learns the icon sequences that will make for successful communication.

In this presentation we will demonstrate how the device user will control the PowerPoint presentation using some simple commands programmed into their device or via tools that already exist within the device itself. Sound effects, animation and music are all features that are incorporated to teach concepts and motivate a user to communicate.

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