2004 Conference Proceedings

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Hans Ring
Tommy Craig
Sighted Electronics Inc.
69 Woodland Avenue
Westwood, NJ 07675
Email: sales@sighted.com

No other operating system is more stable and reliable than Linux. Linux can coax blazingly fast performance out of hardware below the minimum load of other computers or run other operating systems on the same system. With ample memory and a fast CPU Linux will go toe to toe with any other operating system. Linux should be run on at least 16 megabytes of RAM for optimum performance, however systems with as little as 4 megabytes of RAM have been coaxed into running Linux, however 16 Megabytes or more is the optimum amount of memory. Linux is not a memory hog and using a text based Linux version increases speed even more.

BRAILLEX® EL Braille Assistant (ELba)
A Braille Notetaker Based on The Debian Linux Operating System.
The EL Braille Assistant is a universal communications tool and a state-of-the-art Braille display for other computers, the "Braille Assistant" is the most versatile portable Braille device around. Send and receive e-mail or surf the web, make notes or organize your day, share information with other devices or access your Windows based PC. The EL Braille Assistant offers this with quality refreshable Braille and easily understood speech - in many different languages.

EL Braille Assistant features a state-of-the-art CPU designed for portable use with plenty of computing power and advanced power management. Because of the Linux operating system the 32 MB of non-volatile flash memory and 32 MB RAM can store thousands of documents.

Rock-solid Linux-based software
EL Braille Assistant is based on the Debian Linux operating system. Most users never "see" the operating system; although they will still take advantage of its advanced networking capability and its rock-solid applications. EL Braille Assistant comes with a suite of applications including a word processor, e-mail, Internet browser, day-planner, address book, scientific calculator, etc. All are standard Linux software applications adapted to work with a Braille Display.

Users of all levels will find the menu-driven control center easy to learn and navigate. Text can be entered in either grade 1 or 2 Braille, translation and reverse translation is available at any time.

Complete Productivity Suite
EL Braille Assistant comes with a complete selection of productivity tools: From the control center, choose between the word processor, File Manager, Email, Internet browser, scientific calculator, spreadsheet, data base, day-planner, address book, MP3 player.

Easy file transfer to and from a PC is a must. The EL Braille Assistant can also do file conversion (read and write Word files) and keep your data files updated with its automatic synchronization utility. Since Linux is a multi-tasking operating system, you may have several applications running at once. For example listen to music with the MP3 player while you work.

Braille Access to Windows based computers
Connect your Braille Assistant to your computer, run a screen reader like Jaws, Hal/Supernova, Window Eyes, etc., and you have a Braille terminal to your computer - an award-winning refreshable Braille display and a Braille keyboard.

All in one
The EL Braille Assistant combines all of your communications and Braille requirements into one compact and easy to use device.

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