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David Pillischer
Per Burman
Sighted Electronics Inc.
69 Woodland Avenue
Westwood, NJ 07675
Email: sales@sighted.com

*WinBraille produces Graphics as well as Grade II Braille.
*Index Braille was the first company with USB support for Braille Embossers (printers)
*Index Braille was the first with Ethernet support for Braille.
The first Plug and Play support for Braille Embossers
WinBraille supports Network applications
WinBraille allows sharing Braille Embossers in agency networks
WinBraille allows a group or office the ability to produce Braille documents from any computer over a network to a single Braille Embosser or printer.
In Government or University applications a full office can be 508 compliant with one Braille Embosser.

Unique WinBraille applications.
Unlike other translation software WinBraille will translate text into Braille directly from most Windows applications such as, Corel Word Perfect, Microsoft Office, Acrobat Reader, Internet Web pages, etc. Simply type control "P" or select print or "Emboss" from the File pull down menu that is commonly found in virtually all Windows application software and you will be able to emboss a Grade II Braille document.

WinBraille Follows Original Formatting
WinBraille is capable of Braille bulleting in documents. The user can customize the Braille character being used to represent a standard text bulleting character. The spacing between the bulleting character and the start of the text line can be customized in the page format portion of WinBraille. Standard formatting such as text centering, align left or right, or follow the original document formatting.

WinBraille allows customization of spreadsheet documents. The user has the choice of delimiting row, column, or wrapping the column. The user has the ability to customize their default settings in WinBraille. Once the user's document preferences are set in WinBraille as the default for all documents and spreadsheets, WinBraille will customize all documents automatically using that user's set default.

WinBraille will follow original formatting of word processed documents or the user can again instruct WinBraille to ignore blank pages, page breaks, blank lines or the user can follow the original document. WinBraille can be set to show the original document page numbering as well as the Braille page numbers; this is an important feature, due to standards of Braille character size and formatting, one text page equals approximately two pages of Braille. Unlike other Braille applications, WinBraille allows a person who needs to produce a Braille document the same power to format a document, in the same manner as a standard word processor will allow users the ability to produce a professional document effortlessly.

WinBraille Installs on Networks or Single PC Applications
WinBraille will install our Braille Embossers on a network. The user can share the Embosser with multiple PC's when using a network or do a standard installation for a single user. All of the customization can be implemented during the installation procedure. All the selections which can be made are in a step by step install format, where the installer answers simple questions about ports, "is the embosser on a network or single PC", etc. Once WinBraille is installed on the network computer the individual user can then download their individual copy from the network to their local PC already formatted for the previously set options.

All Index models of Braille Embossers have plug and play support. The user can install a Braille Embosser directly on their network via the Ethernet port on the Embosser or by using a jet direct box. The Braille Embossers have USB, and Ethernet support as well as parallel and serial support for legacy computers. Virtually all languages and different Grade 2 Braille translation software such as Braille Edit and Duxbury is supported by our line of Braille Embossers.

The simple Section 508 Solution
With one Braille Embosser connected in a network application, a University Library, Federal Department, or State Agency, can comply easily, effortlessly, to their section 508 requirement of the Americans with Disabilities Act. With the network ability of WinBraille and the Index Embosser, Braille can be produced from any remote location for any Windows application across a network or email. As previously stated a document can be produced in original format following Word, Word Perfect, Excel, Lotus, Access, or Internet URL pages. Imagine the number of applications that an office must be able to produce in Braille so any blind person can easily read. WinBraille can perform when other grade 2 Braille translation software can not. WinBraille was built from the ground up as a Braille printer driver for Windows applications.

WinBraille was developed as a Windows driver for our Braille Embossers. Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Epson, and other prominent printer manufacturers would never let their printers into the retail market without proper drivers to support their device. Why is it acceptable for manufacturers of Braille Embossers to allow their Braille printers to leave their warehouses void of drivers. The purchaser in most cases must then buy Braille translation software in order to use the Braille Embosser. Sighted Electronics and Index are working together to allow users the ability to access Braille Embossers in a way that should be acceptable in all market arenas not just the adaptive technology markets.

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