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Jo Meyer
SoftTouch, Inc.
Phone: 661-396-8676
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Literacy is important for all students. Students with significant cognitive and physical challenges need access to books. Teachers can make computer books but then the students' access is limited by what the teacher chooses for them to read. Students with significant disabilities should be able to go to the bookshelf, take any book and enjoy it.

I've tried all the programs for making accessible books on the computer. Each one has its strengths, but none of them really met my needs for ease of use. None were designed specifically for my students - children with significant challenges. So the kids and I went to work and My Own Book Shelf is the result. My Own Book Shelf is so easy, even a third grade student can create books.

My Own Book Shelf is an authoring program for you to make your own computer books and make them accessible to your students. Like our other software, My Own Book Shelf walks you through the process a step at a time. It helps you import scanned graphics, enter text, and record your own voice. When a book is completed, you put your book on a Book Shelf. Create a book shelf for each student or make a book shelf for each classroom theme. Your students can select the book or books they want to read and the computer will read it to them over, and over, and over again.

The Book Shelf not only gives access to the books, it also tracks what books the student reads and how long they spend time with each book. The Book Shelf will make it easy for educators and parents measure the literacy time and experience for each student.

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