2003 Conference Proceedings

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Hands-on Introduction to Using the VisAble VideoTelescope™ in Education

Bogdan Pospielovsky
Claire Zeijdel
Betacom Corporation
450 Matheson Blvd. E. #67
Mississauga, On. L4Z-1R5
Phone: (905) 568-9977 ext. 234
Fax: (905) 568-9925
Email: bogdan@betacom.com 
Email: claire@betacom.com 

From elementary schools, to university, to continuing education in the workplace, contemporary curricula are presented in so many ways other than books and printed material. Betacom's VisAble VideoTelescope™ is a versatile hand-held enhanced vision aid. Providing learners with Low Vision high magnification, a wide field of view and contrast enhancement, this versatile device will help to overcome some of the challenges of the multi-media, ever-changing, classroom environment.

This hands-on workshop is based on our recent experiences investigating the VisAble VideoTelescope™ in a variety of classroom environments.

The target audience for this workshop include; educational professionals, low vision consultants and orientation mobility instructors.

The goal is to provide the participants with the opportunity to play with the VisAble VideoTelescope and its peripherals in a functional, directed environment.

We will set up five stations reflecting real world classroom use. These will be chosen to reflect curriculum demands from elementary school to post secondary education.

After a brief overview of the features and functions of the technology, participants will be divided into groups and invited to experience each of the stations in turn. This way, participants will have an opportunity to try the VisAble VideoTelescope™ while reading, writing, accessing classroom materials, note taking, independent research, etc.

Stations will include:

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