2003 Conference Proceedings

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Eric Damery, Vice President Product Management Software
Freedom Scientific, BLV Group
11800 31st Court North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33716
Phone: 800-444-4443
Fax: 727-803-8001
Email: EricD@FreedomScientific.com

In it's 9th year, JAWS for Windows has re-written the book on how Screen Reader users can navigate and read HTML content with Internet Explorer or in Windows Help. This session will introduce people to JAWS 4.51 and expose new and experienced users of the world's leading screen reader to the new techniques we have developed for quick and easy navigation of all the various HTML elements found on the web today. Below is a description of the all the various HTML elements we will cover.

As computer technology advances, it presents screen readers with new challenges to provide you with the information you need. Freedom Scientific has risen to the challenge to provide you with access to the World Wide Web.

Web pages are written in a language called HTML. HTML is made up of elements that structure information using headings, paragraphs, frames, and tables. HTML elements also include images and audio on web pages, link pages to each other, and create controls in forms. HTML elements often include attributes that provide information about the data on the page, such as descriptions of images or names of controls. Attributes can change the appearance of text or images. They can also change the way a control behaves, such as causing a link to open in a new window. For more information about HTML, refer to the Introduction to HTML.

Features of HTML allow screen readers to provide detailed information about web pages. JAWS 4.51 can use these features to help you access information easily and interact with web pages.

Items we will show include:

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