2003 Conference Proceedings

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Get Your Hands on Discover

Mary Senger
Robin Marsden
Madentec Ltd.
Email: marys@madentec.com 
Email: robinm@madentec.com

Come to this hands-on lab and learn all the amazing things the Discover® family of computer access products has to offer for people with disabilities. Madentec will show you how to use Discover products for typical computer activities like surfing the Internet, doing word-processing and playing games. And you'll learn how Discover can be used by people of all ages and abilities-anyone who cannot use the standard computer keyboard and mouse-to work, learn, play and succeed.

Discover® is the family of computer access products that finds a new home at Madentec. The Discover line consists of Discover:Board®, Discover:Kenx™, Discover:Screen®, and Discover:Switch®. You will learn the alternate keyboard, scanning and on-screen keyboard input methods of accessing the computer.

Discover has gone through some changes since it found its new home at Madentec. We will be discussing all the changes that have taken place as well as some new and exciting changes for the future.

Discover is made so people with disabilities can get on the computer and go wherever they wish the computer to take them. That means Discover products include everything that is needed so people can participate in real computer activities. Each Discover product comes with ready-to-go setups that match most popular software programs. Learn how to open and use these setups so people with disabilities have access to their favorite computer programs.

Discover:Create software is included with all Discover products so you can customize the computer access to match a user's physical and cognitive needs. Learn how to change scanning speed, keyboard layouts, colors, content and function of keys, and speech options. And learn how to create your very own Discover setup from scratch.

All Discover products also come with speech software. Speech is available everywhere and all the time. Hearing what a key does before and after the key is selected helps users make the right choices, decreases incorrect selections and frustration and increases success. And Discover speech makes it possible to communicate using the computer. Learn how to use text-to-speech and digitized speech to provide cues and feedback for making choices.

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