2003 Conference Proceedings

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Karen Sheehan
IntelliTools, Inc.
3828 Sweet Grass Ln.
Charlotte, NC 28226
Day Phone: 866 286 5132
Fax: 707 544 3316

Tales from the classrooms! In this session, participants will be introduced to three important tools that provide success for early readers: a research-based reading program with a balanced literacy approach, IntelliTools(r) Reading: Balanced Literacy; a talking word processor with graphic support, IntelliTalk II(r); and IntelliPics(r) Studio, a multimedia tool that provides more engaging literacy-building activities. Together, these tools offer a rich instructional environment to support ongoing language arts instruction and to provide accessible learning activities for all beginning readers.

Professionals who attend this session will learn about the successful National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded research that led to the development of IntelliTools Reading: Balanced Literacy and see the finished product. Designed as a sequential, year long supplement to a student's first-grade level language arts instruction, IntelliTools Reading: Balanced Literacy includes hundreds of reading, phonics and writing activities. The program tracks student progress and provides printable reports of student performance. Extensive supplementary materials include blackline masters, a Resource CD of additional writing activities and graphics, a Teacher's Guide of daily lesson plans, and numerous extension activities.

New research from classrooms using Balanced Literacy during the past year will be presented that replicates the success of the pre-publication research. Classroom vignettes indicate that the program is being used effectively in inclusion classrooms, in general education first grades, in resource settings, as a remedial tool for second- and third-graders, and by second language learners.

Attendees will also see a variety of additional reading and writing activities that correlate with Balanced Literacy content, using IntelliTalk II, a multimedia word processor, and IntelliPics Studio. The presenter will show how these activities expand literacy development. These additional activities can be used "straight out of the box," or they can be adapted for individual student needs.

All three programs and all classroom activities are accessible to all students: mouse users as well as those who need adaptive devices such as alternative keyboards or scanning. The presenter will demonstrate how the programs may be used in inclusive classrooms and in resource settings.

Participants will receive research reports, sample lessons, and two demo CDs that will allow them to review and share what they have learned. All programs are available for both Macintosh and Windows platforms.

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