2003 Conference Proceedings

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Judy Colwell
2265 Las Canoas Rd.
Santa Barbara, CA 93105-2112
(805) 682-2387 V/TTY
(805) 457-2400 FAX
Email: judy@typewell.com

Robert Sidansky, Administrator of Student Services
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330-8267
(818) 677-2614 TTY/V
(818) 677-7192 FAX
Email: robert.sidansky.@csun.edu

Scott Selna, Coordinator of Print Communication Access
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330-8267
(818) 677-2614 TTY/V
(818) 677-7192 FAX
Email: scott.selna@csun.edu


Many students prefer getting real-time communication access in their classes in a text format. The provision of speech-to-text services for deaf students in mainstream classes is increasing significantly each semester. TypeWell is a software and training system used at CSUN and over 40 other colleges and universities in the United States to provide Communication Access and Notes to deaf mainstreamed students.

This presentation will explore students' perceptions of TypeWell speech-to-text services in their classes. Implications of these perceptions to the future growth of this kind of service will be discussed.


Typewell transcribing services are provided by a hearing transcriber, for deaf and hard of hearing students in mainstreamed classes. The trained transcriber listens to what is said in classes by instructors and students, and types a meaning-for-meaning transcript. The transcriber uses abbreviations, speed typing features and chunking strategies, similar to those used by sign language interpreters. The supported student reads the text from a computer screen. Students can type questions or comments to the TypeWell transcriber for voicing, if need be. After class, printed or electronic copies of the text can be provided as notes for study.

The TypeWell system requires one or two laptop computers, a means of linking the transcriber's and student's computers, and the TypeWell software. TypeWell transcribers receive intensive training in speed typing skills and information chunking skills. After a 1 week training class, trained transcribers can begin providing services to students.

TypeWell services have been provided by CSUN since Fall, 2001. Requests for services have grown steadily. By Fall, 2002, 20 students were receiving TypeWell services in 77 classes. These students report satisfaction with the information they receive via their TypeWell transcribers. Students express surprise at how much more information they get with TypeWell than they got before.

Student Perceptions:

This presentation will center on students expressing themselves what speech-to-text services have meant to their education. Each student panel member will describe his or her experience with TypeWell services, and discuss the pros and cons of such a service.

A national survey of students' use and perceptions of TypeWell services will be done during the Fall and early Winter, 2002. The survey will include students at universities and colleges across the country. Results will be presented, and their implications related to provision of this kind of Communication Access service will be discussed.

See the Survey page below.

 National Student Survey of TypeWell Services

Student Research ID #:     (assigned by us)              

Year of Studies:    (e.g., Junior, Senior, Graduate, etc.)    Your Major: _____________

Do you know Sign Language?   Yes     No

	If Yes, what is your receptive skill level?
       	Excellent   Very Good    Good   Fair   Poor
Describe your TypeWell classes:
	How many classes with TypeWell?  __________     

	Names of classes: ______________________________________________

Do you read the computer during class (i.e., for real-time communication access)?______

    Do you get Notes after class? ________       
    Circle the kind of Notes:     printed pages     email     floppy disk     other____


Rate the overall benefit of TypeWell to your education  (circle one):

Helps a lot    Helps some		 Helps a little		   No help

Would you recommend TypeWell to another student?     Yes                No 
	Why or why not?

Have you had problems with your TW services?    	 Yes                No
	If Yes, describe the problems:

What do you like best about TypeWell services?

How could the TypeWell services be improved?

Thank you for your time and ideas.                                    

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