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Presented by:
Neil Bond
Dolphin Computer Access.

Email: neil.bond@dolphinuk.co.uk 
Email: www.dolphinuk.co.uk 

This session is designed for access technology consultants, rehabilitation professionals, human resource managers, and anyone researching solutions to Section 508 and ADA compliance for people with a visual disability

When a screen reader will not work with a particular business application, employers and service providers may find themselves in breach of disability legislation and individuals find themselves struggling to do their jobs. Until recently, options for creating access have been limited to scripting which is in essence, a programming job. This session introduces a fresh alternative and includes practical demonstrations, examples and case studies from the USA and Europe.

Delegates will gain more if they have some understanding of screen readers. There will also be time for questions at the end of the session.

Dolphin's Supernova Reader Magnifier is a powerful screen reader which combines speech and Braille screen reading with full magnification and color management features. Supernova is network ready, meaning it can be installed on a LAN or WAN server and used across the network. Individual user settings are stored on the server giving the user freedom of movement.

The Professional Edition of Supernova v5 allows further configuration of the standard package. With Supernova Professional you can train the screen reader to recognize new and complex applications.

Previous generations of screen readers have tended to require complex scripting languages and text based configuration files (sometimes known as INI files) to achieve compatibility with many applications. Such scripting was a costly, time consuming, difficult and not very tolerant of minor changes in applications.

In this presentation we will be demonstrating Dolphin's latest technology which makes the task of configuring a screen reader into a straightforward, quick and intuitive operation which can be performed without previous programming experience or the use of scripts or DOS style configuration files.

Most of the Supernova Professional configuration system concentrates on 'training' the screen reader to correctly recognize and understand what is on the screen. Once everything on the screen can be correctly identified, the built in intelligence of Supernova can take over.

Supernova Professional also offers the opportunity to create user configured hotkeys on both keyboard and Braille display which perform a series of operations collectively called an 'Action'. Since CSUN 2002, new tools have also been added to Supernova Professional to enhance performance for the user. These include Monitor Markers and Braille Hooks.

Custom application keys
If a keyboard or mouse user finds themselves repeatedly performing the same series of tasks, these can be gathered onto a single hotkey, useful for blind and sighted users alike.

Monitor Markers
Monitor Markers monitor an area of the screen for changes and perform actions based on the change. Create different markers for different applications.

Braille Hooks
Braille Hooks allow you to route information from a certain area of the screen straight to a portion of the Braille display, allowing you to keep fast changing information at your fingertips. Create different hooks for different applications.

Free demonstration software and more information is available from www.dolphinuk.co.uk 


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