2003 Conference Proceedings

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Jane Churchward
Dolphin Computer Access
Email: jane.churchward@dolphinuk.co.uk 
Website: http://www.dolphinuk.co.uk


Since CSUN 2002 Lunar screen magnifier has undergone significant development.

Everyone perceives color in a different way. For some people, a change in color can make all the difference to their ability to read a computer screen. Both low vision and print impaired computer users can benefit.

At time of writing, Lunar is the only screen magnifier with full control over the display color of every element on screen. This means users can replace problem colors such as red or green, anywhere on screen, with any color from the Windows color palette. Using this method, it's possible to build user-specific color schemes which can be switched on and off at the touch of a button. This is particularly useful in shared environments such as the classroom, on a family computer or in public libraries. In corporate environments where color settings and screen resolution are protected by the administrator, user color preferences can be called up at logon.

Lunar can also automatically remember different color schemes for different applications.

LunarPlus introduces synthetic speech to assist with reading long documents or speak-as-you-type.

In this practical session, we will look at:

At time of writing still further development is expected prior to CSUN 2003 therefore other areas may be included at the session.

About the company

Dolphin Computer Access has been designing software for computer users with a visual disability since 1986. With proven expertise in screen reading with speech and Braille, screen magnification and products in many languages, Dolphin is constantly developing new technologies.

Dolphin is renowned for well designed, stable and reliable software which can be installed with confidence on home computers, laptops and university or corporate networks. Dolphin's powerful software tools are easy-to-use thanks to intelligent design, and popular with students and professionals the world over.

Dolphin's goal is to enable people with a visual impairment to gain full access to industry standard computer systems. Dolphin's clients enjoy the freedom to use all kinds of software and surf the Internet, without having to resort to specially adapted system configurations. This automatic approach also encourages real integration as Dolphin clients can use the same computer systems as their sighted co-workers, family and friends without worry.

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