2003 Conference Proceedings

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Arjan Khalsa
IntelliTools, Inc.
1720 Corporate Circle
Petaluma, CA 94954
Phone: 800 899 6687
Fax: 707 773 2001
Email: akhalsa@intellitools.com

IntelliPics Studio Fun, Two, Three! offers an overview of a new collection of sample activities, templates, overlays, and tutorials designed to introduce IntelliPics Studio to a beginning user. It is especially geared towards special educators. For those who are accustomed to IntelliPics, this presentation will build a bridge from previous experiences to the far more rich IntelliPics Studio experience.

IntelliPics Studio is a powerful multimedia tool designed to allow both teachers and students to create their own multimedia slide shows, presentations, and games. Its user-friendly interface provides on-screen toolbars for program functions, and universal design makes those functions accessible to students with disabilities.

IntelliPics Studio has many authoring features, including drawing, painting, animations, slide shows, and much more. It comes with a variety of sample activities and templates, along with an expandable graphics collection of over 2000 images, movies, and sounds. Authoring templates take the user down different pathways of exploration to create cause and effect activities, interactive quizzes, storybooks, book reports, drawings, paintings, silly sequences, and more.

The purpose for this presentation is to simplify IntelliPics Studio by providing new beginner's templates and small tutorials focused on specific outcomes. Participants will see the relationship between activity sets and their corresponding authoring templates. Participants will witness a handful of on-screen puzzles designed for very young children and students with limited cognition and dexterity. Then, they will see how a simple tutorial and template allow new puzzle creation in seconds. This same sequence - activity, tutorial, authoring - will follow as participants learn about coloring books, storybooks, and IntelliPics "Classic" activities.

The presenter will import some favorite IntelliPics activities into IntelliPics Studio. From there, participants will find out how to enhance imported activities with a selection of powerful features available in IntelliPics Studio. They'll discover the range and flexibility of actions they can edit and add to old IntelliPics activities.

Those who attend the workshop will receive a CD with all of the sample activities, templates, and tutorials used in the workshop. The CD also includes a Player version of IntelliPics Studio so they can use sample activities even if they do not own the full software program.

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