2003 Conference Proceedings

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Suzanne Feit
IntelliTools, Inc.
729 Anson St.
Simi Valley, CA 95403
Phone: 805 581 1784
Fax: 805 520 0582
Email: sfeit@intellitools.com

In this session, participants will be introduced to ReadyMade(tm) Curriculum Activities, new resources from IntelliTools that combine important, standards-based curriculum content with powerful and accessible learning tools.

ReadyMade Curriculum Activities are designed to make the versatility of educational software tools easy, available, accessible, and ready for immediate student learning. Because teacher time is always limited, these resources can be used "straight out of the box" by students. However, for teachers who wish to do so, the activities can also be adapted and modified. ReadyMade activities are now available for all three IntelliTools products: IntelliPics(r) Studio, IntelliTalk(r) II, and IntelliMathics(tm). New "player" versions of all three tools allow teachers and students to use, save, and print the ReadyMade activities.

This session will acquaint teachers with the philosophy and design of the new line of resources. In addition, the session will demonstrate how these activities can be further adapted for individual student needs, for those users who own full versions of IntelliTools tool products.

ReadyMade activities have been designed to correlate with national and state curriculum standards. Compelling research from Market Data Retrieval this year shows that over 30% of teachers are required to use materials that match curriculum standards, and an additional 60% prefer to use materials that match standards. Accompanying Teachers Guides for all ReadyMade activities describe the national and state curriculum standards addressed by each set of activities. All activities include teacher's guides, grade level and objectives for students using the activity, and where applicable, answer keys.

ReadyMade activities are projects and exercises with which students interact, create, and to which they respond and complete. Onscreen text and audio support for instructions use vocabulary at students' comprehension level. ReadyMade activities enable students to demonstrate their individual learning through the medium of software tools rather than with paper and pencil or markers.

Teachers will see uses for ReadyMade activities in many ways:

Participants will receive a Demo CD featuring 30-day trial versions of IntelliTalk II, IntelliPics Studio and IntelliMathic,s along with all-new "player" versions that will run any ReadyMade activity created in each program.

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