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Nancy L. Inman, M.A.T., CCC-SLP
Kennedy Krieger Institute
707 North Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21205
Email: inman@kennedykrieger.org

Many individuals using augmentative communication systems are able to access their device for communication, but may be unable to access a computer via a standard keyboard. In such cases, computer access via their AAC device is the answer. Through the use of serial commands, the DynaVox and Pathfinder communication devices can emulate mouse movements, send keyboard commands, characters, and word-based text.

Using a serial cable and AAC Keys software, serial commands can be programmed into the device and used to access the computer. Word-based vocabularies such as WordPower, Unity and Gateway can be used to generate text to be sent to the computer. DynaVox and Pathfinder word prediction systems further enhance the system operator's ability to generate text to be sent to the computer.

Using a serial cable to connect an AAC device to a computer is a reliable and consistent way of achieving computer access. Both the DynaVox and Pathfinder have serial ports that allow for connection. The Pathfinder baud rate is set for 1200, and the DynaVox baud rate is set for 9600. The "escape" command tells the computer that it is about to receive a command. Then, any keyboard shortcut or computer command can be emulated.

Common computer functions, Microsoft Word functions and keyboard shortcuts and their serial commands are as follows:

Function DynaVox Pathfinder
Bold [ESC],hold,ctrl.b ←,hold,ctrl.b
Italicize [ESC],hold,ctrl.i ←,hold,ctrl.i
Underline [ESC],hold,ctrl.u ←,hold,ctrl.u
Copy [ESC],hold,ctrl.c ←,hold,ctrl.c
Cut [ESC],hold,ctrl.x ←,hold,ctrl.x
Paste [ESC],hold,ctrl.v ←,hold,ctrl.v
Delete [ESC]delete. ←delete.
Escape [ESC]esc. ←esc.
Undo [ESC],hold,ctrl.z ←,hold,ctrl.z
New [ESC],hold,ctrl.n ←,hold,ctrl.n
Open [ESC],hold,ctrl.o ←,hold,ctrl.o
Print [ESC],hold,ctrl.p ←,hold,ctrl.p
Save [ESC],hold,ctrl.s ←,hold,ctrl.s
Save as [ESC],hold,alt.fa ←,hold,alt.fa
Spell check [ESC]f7. ←f7.
Backspace [ESC]backspace. ←backspace.
Delete word [ESC],hold,ctrl.[ESC]backspace. ←,hold,ctrl.←backspace.
Enter [ESC]enter. ←enter.
Click [ESC],click. ←,click.
Double click [ESC],dblclick. ←,dblclick.
Right click [ESC],click,right. ←,click,right.
Mouse down [ESC],moulock. ←,moulock.
Mouse up [ESC],mourel. ←,mourel.
Minimize [ESC],combine,alt,space.n ←,combine,alt,space.n
Maximize [ESC],combine,alt,space.x ←,combine,alt,space.x
Restore [ESC],combine,alt,space.r ←,combine,alt,space.r
Move along toolbar [ESC],hold,alt.[ESC]escape. ←,hold,alt.←escape.
Make text smaller [ESC],hold,ctrl.[ ←,hold,ctrl.[
Make text larger [ESC],hold,ctrl.] ←,hold,ctrl.]
Page up [ESC]pageup. ← pageup.
Page down [ESC]pagedown. ← pagedown.
Back [ESC],hold,alt.[ESC]left. ←,hold,alt.←left.
Forward [ESC],hold,alt.[ESC]right. ←,hold,alt.←right.
Close document [ESC],hold,ctrl.w ←,hold,ctrl.w
Close program [ESC],combine,alt,space.c ←,combine,alt,space.c
Move up [ESC]up. ←up.
Move down [ESC]down. ←down.
Move right [ESC]right. ←right.
Move left [ESC]left. ←left.
Move right one word [ESC],hold,ctrl.[ESC]right. ←,hold,ctrl.←right.
Move left one word [ESC],hold,ctrl.[ESC]left. ←,hold,ctrl.←left.
Move right to end of line [ESC]end. ←end.
Move left to end of line [ESC]home. ←home.
Select all [ESC],hold,ctrl.a ←,hold,ctrl.a
Highlight up [ESC],combine,shift,up. ←,combine,shift,up.
Highlight down [ESC],combine,shift,down. ←,combine,shift,down.
Highlight right [ESC],combine,shift,right. ←,combine,shift,right.
Highlight left [ESC],combine,shift,left. ←,combine,shift,left.
Highlight right one word [ESC],hold,shift.[ESC],combine,ctrl,right. ←hold,shift.←,combine,ctrl,right.
Highlight left one word [ESC],hold,shift.[ESC],combine,ctrl,left. ←hold,shift.←,combine,ctrl,left.
Highlight right end of line [ESC],hold,shift.[ESC]end. ←,hold,shift. ←end.

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