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Clicker: the fully accessible writing, communication and multimedia tool

Kevin Lynch
Crick Software
Email: johnc@cricksoft.com

Clicker 4 is the latest version of Crick's award-winning software. Clicker is now widely used as a mainstream tool in many classrooms around the world. Fully switch accessible, it allows students to write with whole words, phrases, pictures and even animations.

Clicker is also a very powerful multimedia tool that enables users of all abilities, including switch users, to access talking books. The Internet features will also be explained, showing how easily students of all abilities can create web pages.

Clicker 4 is an extremely flexible tool used in thousands of schools to support students in reading, writing, access and communication. Clicker's talking word processor and unique system of grids makes it very easy for teachers and therapists to tailor the program to suit individual needs. Grids can be made in seconds, with each 'cell' holding a letter, word, phrase, or picture. In addition to its own large picture library, Clicker is able to use the Mayer-Johnson PCS library, which is available separately.

With Clicker, the student is able to write using letters, whole words, phrases and pictures. Software speech is included, and real sounds can also be used, which can be recorded within the program. The student is able to 'try out' the sound in a cell before writing it, giving support to struggling readers. A new Animations Library enables students to write with animated pictures - ideal for illustrating actions and feelings.

Clicker is a unique product that is very widely used in mainstream classrooms as well as in a special needs context, making it a fully inclusive tool. The program is fully switch accessible, and switch users can even open and save their own documents.

Clicker Writer, Clicker 4's talking word processor, now uses html as its native format, enabling students of all abilities to create web pages. The multimedia features have also been greatly enhanced, making it even easier to create talking books (these can now include videos) that are fully switch accessible.

Clicker is supported by hundreds of free resources which can be freely downloaded from Crick's website, www.cricksoft.com. These high quality materials include Clicker grids created by actual users, in addition to those created by Crick Software.

Clicker 4 is now available for both Windows and Macintosh, with complete file compatibility between the two. Clicker was conceived by John Crick, a teacher with 17 years experience of working with children with physical and learning disabilities. Originally based in the UK, Crick Software is now fully operational in the United States. Crick Software Incorporated is based just outside Seattle, Washington and handles all sales and support within North America.

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