2002 Conference Proceedings

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Student Authoring with IntelliPics(r) Studio

Lucinda Ray
1720 Corporate Circle
Petaluma, CA 94954
Phone: 707-773-2045
Fax: 707-773-2001
Email: lray@intellitools.com

IntelliPics Studio, the culminating member of the IntelliTools Classroom Pac, has been designed so that students in pre-kindergarten through 8th grade - even those with severe disabilities - can create their own multimedia slide shows, presentations, games and thousands of other sensational things yet to be discovered. Participants will learn how IntelliPics Studio can be used to address all curriculum areas and brings success to students of all ability levels including those with diverse learning needs and different language skills.

Participants will explore the wide variety of options available to students whether they are designing their own activities or using the pre-designed activities and templates that come with the program. By previewing sample activities covering different age levels and topics, participants will learn how these can be used to guide students in their own explorations. They'll see how auditory cues, pictures and animations are employed to enhance comprehension and make abstract concepts come alive.

Starting at the preschool level, children can use IntelliPics Studio to reinforce concepts such as number, color and size. Those familiar with the original IntelliPics will see how many of the features of that program have been incorporated into this segment of IntelliPics Studio. Young students can also use IntelliPics Studio as an electronic coloring book.

Older students can use the storybook template to guide them through the process of creating their own storybooks. They can choose various backgrounds with corresponding pictures or access any of over 1500 images in the IntelliPics Studio library. Students can even create their own pictures and backgrounds and add these to the program's library. These same pictures and backgrounds can now be used with IntelliTalk II and IntelliMathics. Students build their own story by simply duplicating pages. Once it's completed, they can go into Slide Show mode to show off their creation. Students can rely on synthesized speech or record their own voices. They can also draw from a library of 100 pre-recorded sounds.

Students can use IntelliPics Studio to paint and design entirely new documents. Different paint and design templates are available to appeal to students of different ages and skill levels. Student can begin painting using a paintbrush and then select the paint bucket to pour colors into their background. They can use the stamp tool to stamp objects from the library onto their background. In the design mode, they can float items in the foreground where they can be resized, colored, flipped and more. Students can move objects according to a time sequence to animate them. They can access the Internet and import graphics directly into to their documents.

Participants will appreciate how students can use all of these techniques to enhance any curriculum area from science reports to social studies presentations. And while this workshop is focused on student applications, they will readily be able to see why IntelliPics Studio is also a perfect tool for teachers. As a special bonus, participants will receive a demo CD featuring IntelliPics Studio and the other programs that make up the IntelliTools Classroom - IntelliTalk II(r) and IntelliMathics(r).

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