2002 Conference Proceedings

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Hands-on with IntelliPics(r) Studio

Suzanne Feit
1720 Corporate Circle
Petaluma, CA 94954
Phone: 805-581-1784
Fax: 800-598-2684
Email: sfeit@intellitools.com

From a middle school activity on Mars to a pre-school exploration of colors and numbers, participants will discover why IntelliPics Studio is the program of choice. They'll experience first hand how this versatile program can enable students to create multimedia reports and teachers to set up rich lessons on any curriculum topic.

First participants will explore the Paint and Design mode. In Basic Painting they'll see how young artists can pick up a paintbrush, pour with a paint can, and add stamps from a rich library of over 1500 images. They'll create scenes using backgrounds and stickers and use Design tools to size, flip and turn images.

In Intermediate and Advanced modes participants will experience increasing levels of authoring. They will design animations using the exclusive IntelliMation tool, create activities with multiple pages, and transform them into slide shows.

To gain a better understanding of why IntelliPics Studio is an ideal tool for differentiating instruction, participants will explore a number of the sample activities. One such activity, "Early Concepts" is developed in the Explore mode for young learners, students with special needs or those who require clear conceptual reinforcement. In this mode, every action is contained and success is guaranteed. Participants will see why it's an excellent vehicle for teaching concepts such as number, size, color, and motion.

The "Animals in the Forest" activity further demonstrates the flexibility and richness of IntelliPics Studio. In a single activity students can learn valuable information about animals and their environment, watch a QuickTime video and do a quiz. Participants will see how the program's IntelliQuiz feature is now an integrated part of the toolbar and can be instantly accessed to help students review content.

The "Basic Counting" activity is an excellent example of how IntelliPics Studio can support the multiple intelligences that researchers ask us to address throughout the learning process. Participants will see how each interactive sequence reinforces different sensory modes and explore the many creative options such as moving, manipulating and animating objects.

The "Mars" activity demonstrates the sophistication and complexity of IntelliPics Studio including the ability to create buttons that can instantly access specific Internet sites. Participants will use this activity to link directly to the NASA Website. Each selection takes the user to a different part of the Website to focus on specific content. Participants will also see how IntelliPics Studio can import graphics directly from the Web or other sources.

Participants will experience how easy it is to create their own activities by using several of the blank templates that come with the program. Using the storybook template they will create a multi-page storybook. They'll choose backgrounds and objects, add text fields, animate objects, create quizzes, and more. Using the coloring book template they'll transform graphics into pages students can color. Participants will also use a third template to build and animate IntelliCritters.

Participants will gain an appreciation of how IntelliPics Studio can be used to enhance any curriculum topic from language arts though science and social studies. They will explore the many features that make the program ideal for students and teachers at all skill levels. Participants will receive a Demo CD featuring IntelliPics Studio as well as other programs in the IntelliTools Classroom - IntelliTalk II(r) and IntelliMathics(r).

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