2002 Conference Proceedings

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The IntelliTools Classroom: Tools for Diversifying Instruction

Arjan Khalsa
1720 Corporate Circle
Petaluma, CA 94954
Phone: 707-773-2030
Fax: 707-773-2001
Email: akhalsa@intellitools.com

One of the root causes of under-performance in schools today is lack of diversified instruction. Yet as the pressure to meet performance standards continues to mount, teachers are finding themselves with even less time for individualized attention. We believe that a solution to this critical problem can be found right in your classroom.

Computers are an ideal solution for diversifying instruction. With the right software they can be used to address content issues as well as accommodate a broad spectrum of learning styles.

IntelliTools software has been a pioneer in providing learning solutions for the diverse classroom. Our products combine exemplary content with special features to meet individual learning needs:

In this workshop participants will see how the tools that comprise the new IntelliTools Classroom - can open an amazing world of authoring and activity creation for students with disabilities. They'll be introduced to:

IntelliTalk II( - the innovative word processor and authoring tool that incorporate text, speech and graphics. Ideal for making curriculum content accessible for students with a broad range of learning needs.

IntelliMathics( - an interactive, problem solving tool with on-screen manipulatives. Deepens students' understanding of critical math concepts. Supports state and national math standards.

IntelliPics Studio( - a powerful presentation and authoring tool for teachers and students. Sophisticated drawing, painting and animation tools enables users of all ages and levels of skill to author their own multimedia reports and presentations.

Participants will learn some mind-bending applications that take curriculum adaptation to a new level. They'll see how any curriculum topic can be enhanced by writing about it in IntelliTalk II, creating math problems using the same palettes in IntelliMathics, and developing interactive quizzes, reports or presentations with the new IntelliPics Studio. They'll experience how the Classroom Tools, when used in combination, are the most efficient way to deliver diversified instruction today.

IntelliTalk II, IntelliMathics and IntelliPics Studio share navigation features, palettes and access to student portfolios. Once one of the tools has been mastered, mastering the others is easy. Together they significantly increase the range and type of activities available to students with disabilities and allow for true curriculum integration.

IntelliPics Studio is an ideal authoring tool for all levels of ability. It's particularly useful in making abstract concepts come alive. Younger students can use color and design to develop ideas. Older students can use a more sophisticated design template to flip and turn objects, add animations, link to the Web and create multi-page presentations with the click of a button.

Students can work more interactively with content as they continue to write and research about a given topic in IntelliTalk II. The same content can be explored again with IntelliMathics as students sort, classify and graph information. Participants will see how easily they can determine by which attributes IntelliMathics will sort.

This workshop is designed to charge imaginations and inspire people to go back to their classrooms with a wealth of ideas for adapting and expanding their curriculum. Participants will receive a Demo CD featuring IntelliTalk II, IntelliPics Studio and IntelliMathics.

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