2002 Conference Proceedings

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Understanding How Environmental Control Systems Work

Mary Lee Koyl
Tash Inc.
Richmond, VA


This one-hour session offers an overview of environmental control systems, as well as offering the attendee an opportunity to train an infrared scanning device, set up menu configurations for a voice recognition system and actually perform the voice training and activation. This session will allow attendees to choose one of Tash's environmental controls for hands on training.

The basics of Ultrasound transmission, Infrared transmission and Radio Frequency transmission will be reviewed along with an introduction to the key features of each of these transmissions. A review of the basic types of environmental control systems available and a selection criterion for appropriate system selection for the user will be presented. As the user faces a blur of technical specifications, this systematic approach includes practical strategies for defining the comfort level of the user for access to their environment and for the user to mange their own technology. This step-by-step progression allows the clinician or the user to identify the most appropriate tool for access, and the most appropriate system to achieve optimum access to their environment.

Once the system is chosen to match the appropriate outcomes, the attendees will select the system, train the system and implement the environmental control on site.

Attendees will choose one of the following to train and implement:

* set-up an Ultra Four remote system using a variety of transmitters to control small electrical and battery-operated devices
* infrared train a MiniRelax and Relax II unit for single switch scan access to a TV and a CD player
* implement the MiniRelax with X:10 and the Relax II, to interface with X:10 technology
* infrared train and voice record the MiniRelax with Voice
* design, customize and implement a Sicare configuration for this voice activated system
* voice train the Sicare Pilot with your own voice and implement this technology to activate a TV, access a telephone and turn on small electrical appliances
* customize and voice train the NEW SICARE LIGHT

Attendees will leave with a raised awareness of Tash's line of environmental control systems in preparation for assessing, choosing, recommending, training and installing appropriate systems for themselves or their clients.


This session will offer you an opportunity to better understand the variety of transmission methods available for environmental control systems as well as the methods of implementing these transmission methods. Attendees will have the opportunity to select one of Tash's environmental control systems for hands on training.

Mary Lee Koyl
Tash Inc.
3512 Mayland Court
Richmond VA

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