2002 Conference Proceedings

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Claire Zeijdel
AT Specialist, Trainer, Manager, Bridges/Betacom
2999 King Street W
Inglewood, Ontario, CANADA, L0N 1K0
Phone: 800-353-1107
Fax: 905-838-1487
Email: claire@betacom.com 

Kelly Fonner
Educational & Assistive Technology Consultant
1508 Dodge Street
Lake Geneva, WI 53147
Phone: 262-893-8053
Email: kfonner@earthlink.net

Participants will participate in a hands-on workshop where they will have the opportunity to explore and create on-screen grids for writing in Clicker 4.

During the session participants will follow a tutorial that illustrates and highlights the special features of Clicker 4 that support writing. They will also create a set of writing activities designed to follow an elementary school curriculum. Activities may include writing frames, reference materials such as glossaries, word-walls and other word-study exercises.

Clicker 4 is an on-screen keyboard with speech. Each key (or cell) can hold a letter, word, phrase or picture. When you click on a cell in a Clicker 4 grid, the text and or graphic in the cell is sent to the word processor (or any other application you are using). Cells can also speak their text using the built-in software speech, and they can play sound samples. Clicker 4 has a built-in word processor - Clicker Writer.

Quick Facts:
* On-screen keyboard and talking word processor
* Accessible with pointing device and/or switches for scanning
* Cells on keyboard (grid) can contain a letter, word, phrase or picture
* 1 - 100 cells per grid possible
* Grid can be sized to suit, colour-coded, background pictures or sounds added
* Cells can be arranged to suit, colour-coded, sounds added
* When a cell is selected it cansend contents to the word processor

Features for creating scaffolds for writing
* Cells on grids can lead to other grids - a dynamic system.
o Walk a student through a writing task
o Make a personal dictionary made up of new theme words.
o Link reading and writing material such as a poem for reference, repetition, review and a writing task
o Electronic Books
* Speech/sounds for cells and grids
o Right-click on a cell to preview its contents before selecting.
o Auditory feedback for selections - either in the word processor or upon selection of a cell
o Teacher can record messages for grids or cells - prompts or to provide information/instructions
* Use pictures to provide support
o Pictures can be on cells on grids providing cues to support meaning
o Pictures can be used in the word processor as reinforcement
o Pictures can be used for independence - instant-pictures for words
* Cool Stuff
o Use the Alternatives Dictionary to stretch vocabulary
o Customize the toolbars to suit the students needs

Manufacturer: Crick Software Toll-free: 1 866 33 CRICK Distributed in Canada: Bridges-Betacom 1-800-353-1107 http://www.betacom.com/bridges

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