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Victor Reader from VisuAide : The most Complete and Accessible line of digital talking book players

Christian Landry
VisuAide Inc.
1030, Rene-Levesque Boulevard
Drummondville, Quebec, Canada, J2C 5W4
Phone : (819) 471-4818 Fax : (819) 471-4828
email : sylviem@visuaide.com

Direct access to desired information

Victor Reader products developed by VisuAide allow reading of talking books recorded on CD-ROM, meaning fast, easy navigation through the structure of a book. Unlike talking books on cassette, Victor Reader allows you to jump straight to a specific section or passage in a snap, skip from page to page, consult the table of contents, even insert bookmarks, and more. No more rewinding and fast-forwarding through a cassette to find a specific passage - not to mention that just one CD can contain a whole book !

Victor Reader Classic :
Simple and friendly, Victor Reader Classic is ideal for your favorite leisure reading, best sellers, novels, magazines etc. It offers basic navigation features like browsing the table of contents, skipping from section to section or from page to page. What's more, you can take and operate Victor Reader Classic anywhere, using its optional rechargeable batteries and built-in handle.

Victor Reader Pro :
Designed to navigate complexly organized works, Victor Reader Pro allows reading of highly structured books as well as simpler leisure books. Users can navigate much faster and far more efficiently through reference works and scholastic texts. In addition to basic navigation features, Victor Reader Pro lets you skip straight to a specific page, insert bookmarks to return to a spot or mark important passages, etc. What's more, Victor Reader Pro's compact size and rechargeable batteries allow you to take and use it anywhere.

Victor Reader Soft :
The groundbreaking digital talking book technology is now accessible on your computer with the new software version of the digital talking book player Victor Reader Soft. In addition to the most advanced navigation features, Victor Reader Soft is fully accessible to all print disabled persons and offers other highly useful options, such as on-screen text, note taking and more. A software offering an array of new possibilities:

The company that innovates

Formed in 1988, VisuAide specializes in the design, manufacture and marketing of innovative products adapted to the specific needs of persons with visual impairments.

In its quest for excellence in assistive innovation, VisuAide has earned worldwide recognition with products distributed overseas in multiple languages. In Canada, VisuAide is recognized as the developer and leading supplier of electronic and computer products for the visually impaired.

Over the past few years VisuAide has developed unique expertise in the field of digital audio, such as that of Victor Reader, the Digital Talking Book Player product line.

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