2002 Conference Proceedings

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Making the Reading - Writing Connection

Bob Keller
Don Johnston Inc.
26799 West Commerce Drive
Volo, IL 60073
fax 847-740-7326

Students with disabilities face many barriers to writing. They may lack the skills to type, to plan or organize their thoughts, to monitor their words. They struggle with the process of learning to write. Frustration leads to a cycle of failure because students don't want to try. Educators need effective interventions that will help these students overcome their writing hurdles in every step of the writing process. Come learn the intervention strategies that result in successful writers. This presentation will show you how to use several intervention products to do effective writing intervention. We'll share tips and techniques for supporting struggling writers. We will demonstrate how these critical intervention products work together to provide writing success from planning to producing the final draft. In this presentation, attendees will receive in-depth information on:

* Strategies to take students from planning and organizing thoughts through to the first draft with Draft:Builder(tm), the only organizational tool that supports students through the writing process.
* Learn how to make an outline and use the dynamic split screen technology to reinforce how ideas fit together.
* Learn how to take notes and use notes to scaffold the writing process. Move the outline and the notes to the draft view so students can compose their thoughts into concise documents.
* For students doing research, learn how to build a bibliography using the correct conventions.
* Learn how to use Co:Writer(r) to make the writing process easier and better for struggling writers. You'll learn how to use special writer files so students have the right words at their fingertips for writing book reports, essays and more. You'll find out the tips for using Co:Writer that give students the extra support they need as they write.
* Support student writing with Write:OutLoud(r), the easy-to-use talking word processor that guarantees writing success. Attendees will learn how Write:OutLoud's talking features, talking dictionary and other features support the writing process for struggling students and gives them the positive reinforcement they need to improve their writing. You'll see how easy it is to add pictures to documents so students can do their book reports and assignments across the curriculum.
* Learn how to use access interventions to teach writing skills and how to integrate computer access interventions in the writing process. Access interventions include the full range of Discover(tm) products, the best access for the most needs.

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