2002 Conference Proceedings

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Edward S. Rosenthal, President and CEO, Next Generation Technologies, Inc.
Daniel S. Makus, Consultant, Next Generation Technologies, Inc.

Next Generation Technologies, Inc.
2006 Cedar Valley Rd. #101
Lynnwood, WA 98036
Ph: 425-744-1100
Fax: 425-778-5547

JawBone middleware technology version 1.0 was released in December 1998. JawBone serves the primary function of providing interoperability between Lernout & Hauspie Dragon NaturallySpeaking (general-purpose large vocabulary continuous speech voice recognition software) and Freedom Scientific Jaws for Windows (voice output screen reading technology). As of this writing (October 2001) JawBone is in version 5.80.

When properly configured and installed a JawBone computer provides a voice-activated PC with adequate command and control and voice output to enable blind and low vision PC users to take advantage of continuous speech voice recognition input technologies.

The purpose of this session is to familiarize the general public with the capabilities of JawBone technology, look at some of the hardware/platform issues, and review some of the implementation issues. In addition, both general and specific training issues will be discussed-particularly as they relate to the three primary disability categories that benefit most from JawBone technology (e.g., blind/low vision, learning disabled, mobility/vision impaired).

This session will be most appropriate for professionals that provide technology selection and/or support services for individuals with disabilities, agencies providing services for a disabled client population, vocational professionals, and individuals interested in providing technology solutions for Section 508 compliance.

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