2002 Conference Proceedings

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Paul Peake
Mayer-Johnson, Inc.
PO Box 1579
Solana Beach, CA 92075
Ph: 858-550-0084
Fax: 858-550-0449

Learn to use the new generation of Boardmaker and SDP for Windows. This session will show you how use the new features in Boardmaker to make communication boards, schedules, book adaptations, and more. The second portion of the session will show you how to use SDP to add speech to your work allowing you to use the boards for communication, inclusion, and therapy.

Boardmaker skills covered will include:

* using vector drawn pictures. The pictures in Boardmaker are supplied in a vector drawn format which means that you will be able to scale the picture to any size and a postscript printer will print it without stair stepping (jaggies).
* using thumbnails for symbol searches. Clicking on the thumbnail button will bring up to 49 pictures shown in thumbnail size which match the search criteria. This means that if you type a word with multiple pictures, such as "play", you'll instantly see all your choices so you can choose the one you want with a click.
* using thumbnails for category searches. A category search will show a category (cleaning for example) with 49 cleaning related thumbnails. You also have the ability to see 49 more with another click.
* using new paint tools. Tools are included which allow you to paint, erase, invert, draw pencil lines, flip, and rotate.
* using screen shots from websites or CD's.
* bringing in digital pictures for optimal quality using minimal hard drive space.
* making and saving your own symbols.

SDP skills covered will include:

* adding speech to buttons.
* using auditory cues.
* setting up scanning.
* linking boards.
* using button magnification, and
* a tour of how these features may be used.

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