2002 Conference Proceedings

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Paul Peake
Mayer-Johnson, Inc.
PO Box 1579
Solana Beach, CA 92075
Ph: 858-550-0084
Fax: 858-550-0449

Writing With Symbols 2000 (WWS) is a word/graphic processing program which may be used by teachers to make pictorial materials for students and also by students to improve their writing capabilities. This session will show you how to use the WWS software to: 1) make pictorial stories, 2) adapt books by adding symbol strips for easy reading, 3) provide your students a talking word processor with a spell checker, and 4) improve your student's writing by setting up writing environments to allow beginning writers to write by selecting pictures.

The skills covered in this session will include:

* writing a rebus story
* finding the best picture
* changing the text accompanying a picture
* proper usage and setting up of word lists
* adding your own photos or pictures
* making the transition from pictures to text
* converting an email or text document into a pictorial document
* using the spell checker
* making writing environments.

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