2002 Conference Proceedings

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Bruce McClanahan
Washington State School for the Blind
2214 E. 13th Street
Vancouver, WA 98661
Day Phone: (360) 696-6321 x157
Fax: (360) 737-3120

All information discussed in this presentation will be available for free download on the WSSB web site. http://www.wssb.wa.gov

Accessing Edmark(r) Software

The following Edmark adaptations have been created using IntelliTools products and Tack-Tiles. The Edmark adaptations and how to use them will be the main focus of this presentation. The exciting aspect of these adaptations it is not necessary for the instructor to tactualize the overlays. This frequently took a great amount of time. If an instructor has a Tack-Tiles set all they need to do is download the software and print out the overlays. The instructor then matches the Braille Tack-Tiles with the printed overlays.

Bailey's Book House
Millie's Math House
Sammy's Science House
Thinkin' Things
Stories and More: Animal Friends
Stories and More: Time and Place

IntelliPics Studio

The following IntelliPics Studio lessons have been created for blind students and have been modified for Tack-Tiles.

Basic Reading Lesson
Single digit Braille addition, subtraction, and division facts

IntelliTalk II

A basic lesson on single letter whole word contractions has been created. Developing IntelliPics Studio Lessons with Tack-Tiles

Step-by-step instructions will be given for developing lessons in IntelliPics Studio that are accessible for blind students.

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