2002 Conference Proceedings

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ColorCheck, easy color setting/adjustment in Microsoft Windows

Peter Carlsen
National Service For Deafblind
Postboks 3513, Buskerudveien 126
Drammen, N-3440 Norway

ColorCheck is a program for adjusting the visual interface for Microsoft Windows. This version only change the colors, but later versions will also change the fonts and icons. There are similar programs of this type, but these programs are very difficult to use for a person with disability. It’s not convenient for a professional to do the settings for a person with low vision.

The vision often changes over a long day, and the right person to do this setting is the user himself. The procedure to do the settings must be as easy as possible. I developed a program that is so easy and flexible as possible.

Screen shot of program.

Using the program

To change the different settings in Windows, you use the spacebar. There are two modes when you adjust the colors. The first (rough) mode you select the color you want. Then you set the program in (fine) mode and define the intensity of the color. When all the colors are set, you can save the settings for later user or just push a hot-key to update Windows. You could go easily to and from the program until you are pleased with the settings. This is a great opportunity for a person to fine calibrate the Windows interface.

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