2002 Conference Proceedings

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How Technology Trend Impacts YOU and the Accessible Workstation

Olga Espinola and Steven Richardson

ATS Team:
Marie Batoy
Shawn Donaldson
Olga Espinola
Chris Piper
Todd Teixeira)

Sensory Access Foundation
Sunnyvale, CA


Thinking ahead and out of the box are critical ingredients when keeping pace with rapidly changing assistive technology (AT). SAF presents the need for awareness and solutions to the growing gaps brought on by Internet, Java-based applications, and thin-client products. We are committed to overcoming these challenges to ensure continued accessibility for blind and visually impaired workers.


New and rapidly introduced advanced technologies threaten accessibility in the market today. Will the blind and visually impaired be left behind as the age of newest technology emerges?

This session will focus on the current state of both mainstream and access technologies for persons with low vision and the blind, where these technologies are heading, and the effects these trends may have on low vision and blind end-users.

We will concentrate and provide demonstration mainly on the following:
* Where are we with screen readers and Braille displays in today's mainstream?
* How are Internet- and web-based applications affecting these AT products (i.e., Java-based applications not accessible today)?
* What are the effects of thin-client computing on accessibility (i.e. Thin-client application, Citrix, not accessible today)?
* What are AT developers doing to respond to these trends?

Q&A will follow presentation.

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