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TouchCorders(tm), the New Way to Link Learning

Jo Meyer,
Teacher and President of SoftTouch, Inc.

Most of us have worked with students who could not accomplish the task we have presented. We look around to see how to make the task easier, wishing that we had another "version" we could present. Alas, we grab a piece of paper or box to cover part of the activity so the student will be successful. As we work to train the student to use an AAC device, the same problem persists. We can only afford one device, but right now it is too hard. Out comes our paper or box to cover part of the device so we can 'train' the students.

TouchCorders(tm) by SoftTouch, Inc. have given us a solution to these issues. TouchCorders are 2.5" recordable switches with a built-in picture frame. Just slip a picture in the frame to give the student visual information. The unique Add'n Touch(tm) system enables you to link TouchCorders together like a puzzle. The solutions the system can provide are only limited by the imagination of the individual. Start with one TouchCorder and build an AAC device or activity on the fly.

Some of the ideas the students in this workshop will learn will be:
1. Build a training AAC device one TouchCorder at a time
2. Put a series of TouchCorders together to give step-by-step
instructions such as how to washing hands
3. Mount TouchCorders around the environment to give isolated messages. For example a TouchCorder by the door that says "I need to go to the bathroom\."
4. Use TouchCorders in games
5. Make a game board with TouchCorders. Students get auditory feedback for the squares they land on.
6. Record the student's attempts at pronouncing words. The student can listen to his own voice

This workshop will give the participants ideas of how to take TouchCorders and integrate them in their classrooms or therapy sessions. Participants will learn how to use the Add 'n Touch system to link learning and build student achievement.

This workshop is perfect if:
• the participant is a teacher or therapist wishing to gain some creative solutions;
• the participant is working with students with communication problems, autism, developmental disabilities, students needing beginning AAC devices and students in TEACCH classrooms;
• the participant has been frustrated trying to hold 3 or more talking switches together

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