2002 Conference Proceedings

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Mark Nelson, Product Manager, Ai Squared
P.O. Box 669
Manchester Center, VT 05255 USA
Tel (802) 362-3612 x104
Fax (802) 362-1670
Email: mnelson@aisquared.com


This session will demonstrate how the new ZoomText simplifies computer access in the workplace for both low-vision and blind employees. Today's workplace environments utilize a broad range of mainstream applications (such as Microsoft Office), specialized business applications, communications packages, and of course the Internet. These applications, along with the business documents they create and/or access, present a unique set of access problems for the low-vision and blind user. These access problems will be examined with a demonstration of how to overcome each using ZoomText 8.0's advanced screen magnification and reading tools.

The ZoomText presentation will also include:

The presentation will conclude with a question and answer session as well as an opportunity for attendees to try out the product.

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