2002 Conference Proceedings

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Teri Madak, M.S., CCC-slp
National Manager, AAC Services
Prentke Romich Company
31 Pine Road
Guntersville, AL 35976
1-800-848-8008, extension 440

Teaching any language requires a plan, with strategies and ideas of how to make it successful. This presentation will focus on the importance of the implementation process of an AAC device. Classrooms are such a busy dynamic place that teachers need support and the knowledge that their regular curriculum can be used for the entire class rather than having to totally customize it for the AAC device user.

The language system contained in all Prentke Romich devices is called Unity. It has all the vocabulary that the average student should need to be successful in the classroom situation.

We need to look at normal language development and remember the importance of novel and spontaneous language for literacy development. Focus will be placed on several strategies for teaching the language system. Examples of how to do each will be provided. Engineering the classroom will be discussed to make the vocabulary more transparent.

Planned experiences will be discussed for the vocabulary to have functional applications. Reading and writing allow language to develop in a dynamically evolving experience. You will see examples where books and custom pictures can provide opportunities for the student to practice using the new vocabulary. Adapting activities for the older student will be discussed. Games and homework ideas will be shared for more practice.

A reference list of all materials available will be provided to each participant.

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