2002 Conference Proceedings

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Presented by:
Eric Damery
Vice President Product Management, Software
Freedom Scientific
11800 31st Ct. North
St. Petersburg, FL 33716

Long recognized as the world's most popular screen reading software, JAWS(r) for Windows(r) uses an integrated voice synthesizer and your computer's sound card to output the content of your computer screen to speakers. JAWS also outputs to refreshable Braille displays. This technology provides access to a wide variety of information, education, and job related applications to over 60,000 users worldwide.

JAWS for Windows 4.0 was released during the second half of 2001 and includes state-of-the-art technology and options that provide superior Braille support for applications such as Word, Excel and Power Point. This new Braille support is unmatched by any screen reader on the market.

Important new features and functionality has been achieved with this latest release. This presentation is intended to provide both users and non-users of JAWS a detailed look into these break through features and how they add new power and ease of use/understanding for blind or sighted users, instructors, and consultants.

We will be discussing and demonstrating the following Key features:

1. Tutor Mode. Designed to teach Windows Keyboarding and give quick navigation tips while using Windows applications. Both current and new users of JAWS, will appreciate this new feature.

2. Virtual Viewer. Developed to give visual feedback of instructions and review capabilities for Speech and Braille Users. Also provides quick access on screen to application specific hot keys.

3. User Definable Braille Output. Giving total control to the Braille user to modify what gets sent to Braille Display and a simple user interface to customize these items and the order of how this information is displayed.

4. MS Office XP support demonstrated and discussed including Word, Excel, and Power Point.

5. Rewind and Fast Forward features for reading HTML and MS Word Documents. Simple pressing a key lets the user back up or skip ahead during a Say All mode.

6. The new Prompt Manager to give the user a simple way of assigning spoken and/or Braille Prompts in Windows applications. Especially useful in Custom Windows applications where JAWS may have previously not gotten the prompt correctly. This powerful new feature lets the user set these up on the fly without the need of doing any scripting in most cases.

7. New and improved Frames to customize JAWS output in difficult or non-standard applications. These frames are now visible on the screen and can be modified with the mouse or keyboard. There is also much more power and flexibility with Frames letting the user decide to have one or more JAWS speech or Braille functions carried out if certain criteria is met. Menus and dialogs let the user set this up without the need for added scripting, making it easier and improving the functionality and user experience.

Handouts will be available on the presentation including files used in the presentation. Product Demos will be available for all attendees as well.

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