2002 Conference Proceedings

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Presented by:
Dusty Voorhees
Product Manager
Freedom Scientific
11800 31st Court North
St. Petersburg, FL 33716

Whether you are a student in school, a professional in the workplace or taking care of business at home OPENBook(r) 6.0 can handle your text conversion needs. OPENBook 6.0 sports many new features making the world's most popular scanning and reading program even more powerful and easy to use. Freedom Scientific representatives will demonstrate the new enhancements to this powerful program.

Page Layouts, introduced in OPENBook 5.0, are now taking the next step. Bringing up a list of your page elements is only a keystroke away. While you are in the list, you have several different options. Simply arrow to the element you want to read and press enter to move to the beginning of the element in your document. You can copy the entire element to the clipboard for pasting it into other applications using a single key combination. Give your page elements names that help you to organize your reference documents. Reorder the elements to have them displayed and read in an order that meets your reading needs. The OPENBook Dictionary is now dynamic allowing you to lookup words found in the definition of the original or subsequent words. The Thesaurus also allows you to lookup synonyms to find their synonyms. Follow the path of synonyms until you find the one you like. A single keystroke swaps out the original and inserts your new selection. Does which bookmark is which ever confuse you? You can now give your bookmarks names that make sense to you. Each time you create a bookmark, you have the opportunity to use the default bookmark name or type in a name of your choosing.

OPENBook Help now appears in its own window. This allows users to reference their help as they step through the described procedures in their open document. This new window also includes a linked table of contents and linked indexes.

JAWS(r) for Windows(r) users will find new familiarity in the OPENBook product allowing them to use JAWS keystrokes to carry out similar commands in OPENBook. In addition, several new speech commands now make editing your OPENBook document even easier.

Exact [HLH1]View now contains a new element. You can now have a single line of clean crisp text appears at the bottom of your exact view showing you the text where the cursor is located. Additionally, you can edit the text right in this view rather than switching back and forth between exact view and normal view.

Swapping files between your Freedom Scientific Note-taker and OPENBook has never been easier. It is as easy as saving the file. Once you have scanned a document into OPENBook, simply go to the file menu and choose to save your file to your note-taker. OPENBook converts the file to the format needed by your note-taker, and exports it directly to the note-taker.

[HLH1]Should this be Exact view? You used exact view in the last sentence of this paragraph. I would just use one or the other, but not both.

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