2002 Conference Proceedings

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Jennifer C. Deau, MS, MOTR/L
Education and Applications Specialist
DynaVox Systems LLC
2100 Wharton Street; Suite 400
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
412-381-4885 Ext. 501
Fax: 412-381-9096
Email: jennifer.deau@dynavoxsys.com 

Josh Witt, Sales Representative for Southern California
DynaVox Systems LLC
PMB 106
4654 "B" East Avenue S
Palmdale, CA 93552
Day Phone: 661-944-6005
Fax: 1/661-944-6008
Email: josh.witt@dynavoxsys.com

Our new revised version of Gateway to Language and Learning (GatewayTM) is a ready-to-use application created by Joan Bruno, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, for the DynaVox3100 series of products. This revised version is now one application that includes the Gateway Jr., Gateway 30, Gateway 54 and Gateway 75 page sets. Over 400 pages with large single word vocabulary are available to a wide range of augmented communicators and will allow many opportunities for creation of simple to complex sentences. DynaSyms are available to represent vocabulary. Consistent color-coded page sets are visually enhanced with all buttons corresponding with the Fitzgerald Key. Sentence construction uses an average of less than 2 key selections per word.

Gateway Jr. (Junior) features developmentally based page set with frequently used core vocabulary that enables an individual to construct novel sentences. Each Junior page set targets a user with different language abilities that facilitate active participation in the classroom and/or promote the use of DynaVox during recreational activities. The 12 location targets children with language skills at the 18-24 month level. The 20 location targets children with language skills in the 24-36 month range. The 36 and 40 location targets augmented communicators functioning in the 36-48 month range. Both of these locations have identical vocabulary contents, however the 40-location program accommodates users needing a 40 location key guard.

Gateway 30 is a 30-button page set designed for adolescents and adults who demonstrate limitations in cognitive language performance to an extent that their language output would not be expected to include word endings or function words such as "a" and "'the." Gateway 30 includes words that are commonly used by this group of AAC users to direct their care and to actively participate in many activities of daily living.

Gateway 54 accommodates children and adults whose receptive language skills have reached at least a 4-year level and who need a reduced number of locations on a screen. It is designed to enable an individual to construct novel sentences using an average of less than 2 key selections per word. This 54-button page can be presented on the DynaMyte3100 for individuals whose fine motor skills are good. It is also suitable for individuals who access their systems through group row-column scanning. ECU pages, category search features and literacy activity pages for two "Clifford" books are included in this page set.

Gateway 75 is designed for children and adults needing a powerful singe word vocabulary who can access up to 75 buttons on a page via direct selection or scanning. This page set maximizes communication efficiency by including a Pronoun popup that allows all pronouns to be accessed with only two key selections. Gateway 75 has category searches on the People, Little Words, Words That Tell, Things, Foods and Place pages. The spelling page is linked to key pages and can be used as the main page for users who use spelling as their primary means of generating messages.

Augmented communicators will benefit from Gateway to Language and Learning - it's an easy, efficient and effective means of communication for a wide range of augmented communicators. There is no charge - it is now available for all DynaVox3100 users and can be downloaded from our web site at http://www.dynavoxsys.com. Visit our booth for more information or call our toll free number 1-800-344-1778.

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