2002 Conference Proceedings

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F. Preminger - OT, MSc and O. Moshe - ST
Rehabilitative Computer and Technology Unit, Alyn Hospital
POB: 9117, 91090
Jerusalem, Israel
E-mail: recomp@netvision.net.il

The Rehabilitative Computer and Technology Unit in Alyn Hospital provides assessment and treatment for in and outpatients with multiple physical and/or cognitive disorders often including language impairments. Services provided include assessment, adaptation and development of aids for computer access and augmentative communication.

The goal of intervention with the use of computer is to enable clients to meet their personal and social communication needs as well as to participate in leisure time activities, educational studies and vocational training.

The Unit keeps abreast of new technological developments in the international market in order to provide the most up to date possibilities for the clients. At times there is a need to create or adapt hard and software to meet the needs of both the specific abilities and limitations of each individual.

This session presents individual case studies demonstrating customized adaptations, taking in consideration the seating needs and socio-economic background. It will include clients with impairments of various complexities, during hospitalization and through community integration.

The more that people can do for themselves, on their own or with personal care assistants, assistive device and use of technology, the better their quality of life (Abresch, Seyden and Wineinger, 1998).

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