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Connect Outloud - Web Access Software For Blind And Visually Impaired Individuals

Eric Damery
Freedom Scientific, BLV Group

Connect Outloud is an easy to use web access tool for blind or visually impaired computer users. It offers speech and Braille output to the web using Internet Explorer 5.5. Send and receive email using Outlook Express and also create documents in your easy to use FS Editor word processor with its own spell checker that is included. Connect Outloud works with Windows®.

In this session, we will demonstrate the following:

  1. Talking Installation

  2. The Tutor Mode which teaches basic concepts of the Windows Environment and navigation.

  3. How to send and receive Email in Outlook Express

  4. Surfing the Internet with Internet Explorer accessing links, tables, and frames.

  5. Basic concepts of Word Processing to produce letters that can be spell checked and saved as a Word Doc file .
Connect Outloud has an interactive talking install that allows you to get started without sighted assistance, and its Tutor Mode helps you learn its easy to use features via the keyboard. Connect Outloud is an ideal way to start learning and using a computer. The beginner to experienced computer user enjoys the freedom of the software's simple interface with no complicated configurations to learn or menus to navigate. Connect Outloud also comes with a comprehensive On Line Help System which provides easy to read details and keystrokes.

Connect Outloud is the most exciting new access tool on the market for users who do not need a full Screen Reader. If your objective is email and surfing the Internet, then Connect Outloud is the product you should try today. If you move onto Screen Reading Software in the future, Connect Outloud provides an easy transition to the full JAWS® for Windows® screen reading program.

Included on the CD
Connect Outloud
Eloquence Software Synthesizer English Only
Internet Explorer 5.x5
Outlook Express 5.x5

The Connect Outloud Package also includes a Reference Guide in Print and Braille and a printed Authentic Freedom Scientific Certificate of Ownership. The suggested retail price for Connect Outloud is $249.00. Available from Freedom Scientific and it’s authorized dealers.

Attendees will receive:
Demonstration Version of the Product with Quick Reference Guides in Print and Braille.
Product Literature for Connect Outloud.
List of Frequently ask Questions in Print and on Disk.

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