2001 Conference Proceedings

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Nancilu McClellan, President
Metroplex Voice Computing, Inc.
P.O. Box 121984
Arlington, TX 76012
Phone: 817-261-1658
Fax: 817-543-1103
E-mail: mathtalk@onramp.net

Metroplex Voice Computing, Inc. (MVC) continues to be the leader in speech recognition mathematics products for the physically/visually challenged.

How teacher and student use speech recognition mathematics for lesson preparation and doing math lessons with MathTalk/ScientificNotebook. From pre-algebra through graduate level, including graphs, Braille.

This presentation will demonstrate how a teacher and studentís use of speech recognition mathematics to accomplish a student doing mathematics homework by voice.

This presentation will show:

This presentation will show:

For many students the field of mathematics is not available. Speech recognition mathematics gives many of these persons the opportunity to do math on their own, thus providing more future options than before.

This presentation will use

The presentation will also show the versatility of creating math and having the option to translate the math into Braille using the new Duxbury Braille Translator.

(C), (TM), (R) - Metroplex Voice Computing, Inc, Duxbury Systems, Inc, Microsoft, L&H/Dragon Systems, Inc., Design Science, Inc., MacKichan Software, Inc.

(c) - Metroplex Voice Computing, Inc, 2000, All Rights Reserved

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