2001 Conference Proceedings

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Dueling DAISY Reading Systems

George Kerscher, Senior Officer, Accessible Information
Recording For the Blind & Dyslexic (RFB&D)
Project Manager to the DAISY Consortium
1203 Pineview Dr.
Missoula, MT 59802 USA
Email: kerscher@montana.com Phone: (+1) 406/549-4687


In past years at the CSUN Conference, the DAISY Consortium has demonstrated interoperability between DAISY OK reading systems playing Digital Talking Books (DTB). Interoperability is now a foregone conclusion and in this double session the differences will be exposed! Each company with a DAISY reading system or player will be asked to have a blind or print disabled end user put the software or hardware device through its paces. The battle ground will be set by creating a series of tasks designed to expose to the world how the software and hardware perform side-by-side.

The Combatants

Several software developers and hardware manufacturers are "Friends of the DAISY Consortium" and will be first in line to defend (show off) their products. These include

In addition, two DAISY Consortium members have sponsored development of free software playback systems. These enter the fight with a decidedly big advantage -- THE PRICE, but do they stack up? They are

The Battleground

The battleground will be absolutely neutral. Each contestant will be given a stack of DAISY OK DTB CD-Roms on March 16, 2001. This will give them time to ready themselves for battle. The end users controlling the systems are required to be blind or have a print disability. No programmers or developers here to dodge and weave their way to victory!

When the bell rings, a task will be read and each contestant will be asked if they can perform the function. We expect that some of the tasks will be beyond their capabilities and they will acknowledge this. For example, demonstration of synchronized text and audio cannot be expected of players that do not have a display. However, there will be plenty of tasks for all to exhibit their prowess.

Each gladiator willing to take on the task will be given sufficient time to demonstrate their supremacy. Some tasks will be selected to show the efficiency of the various systems while other tasks will be selected to demonstrate functionality or ease of use.

In the months prior to the showdown, DAISY Consortium members will be asked to contribute to the list of tasks. The long list will be made public to the developers. The actual tasks selected for the duel will only be revealed once the bell has rung.


Portable DAISY OK reading systems need to be tough! In a late breaking flash, we have been notified that several yet to be announced manufactures are willing to have their warriors die proving their superiority! They have boasted that any portable device worth being in the light weight class must be willing to:


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