2001 Conference Proceedings

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Bill Kilroy
Northeast Regional Sales Manager
Freedom Scientific, Blind/Low Vision Group
11800 31st Court North
St. Petersburg, FL 33716

MAGic, screen magnification software, delivers many new and enhanced features with its newest release, most notably a new module that offers low vision speech support. In addition to enlarging application screens, dialogs and windows from 2 to 16 times, MAGic also reads your programs and documents clearly and audibly. MAGic completely synchronizes magnified print with speech. MAGic also highlights words and lines as it speaks them. You see and hear what you are typing. You see and hear menus, buttons and other Windows controls.

MAGic screen magnifier offers 2 through 16x screen magnification; several different Magic Views including full screen, lens and split screen views; a multidirectional panning system with adjustable speed and direction controls; custom shape and colors for the mouse; high contrast color option; high and true color support (up to 32bit); enhanced smoothing of characters, improved performance, and an extensive array of JFW inspired list boxes (or shortcuts) for various Windows applications.

These application specific list boxes enable the user to quickly navigate inside of an application increasing their efficiency with the application and enabling the user to be more productive whether in a work, school or home computing environment. For example, in Internet Explorer, a MAGic user has the capability to bring up lists of links and frames; move to the first field on a web page; reformat a document for improved viewing and more. All of these enhanced features meet the special needs of the low vision computer user.

Additionally, MAGic is the only magnification software developed to work with the powerful and widely used JAWS(R) for Windows screen reading software. Combined, these two products offer the most complete and effective computer environment for individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

MAGic supports Windows(R) platforms including Windows(R 95/ 98 / Millennium, Windows NT(R), and Windows 2000 Professional(R)

Some of the MAGic features that will be demonstrated include:

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