2001 Conference Proceedings

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Clarence Whaley
Director Of Sales And Marketing
GW Micro
E-Mail: Clarence@gwmicro.com 
Direct Voice (615) 383-6248
Direct Fax (615) 269-5288
GW Micro Voice Number 219-489-3671

In the past the world of E-Commerce was closed to persons who are blind. Now, with the many advances in screen reader technology this is no longer true. Such things as checking stock quotes, grocery shopping, buying software, buying gifts and shopping in general are realities. It is no longer necessary to ask someone else to help with your online banking, make purchases of items only available online and much more. Independence is truly a reality, and your personal privacy is maintained.

In this session we will explore online banking, both simple and complex E-Commerce sites and actually make some purchases. Some lucky person in the audience will be the winner of what we purchase.

Persons who are blind are now able to navigate sites that were heretofore unmanageable. With Braille support and a Braille display persons who are deaf and blind can enjoy this same freedom. Everything that appears on the screen or in speech is now available in Braille and site navigation is a breeze. With Braille all controls and links are visible, and filling out complicated forms is easy whether with speech or Braille making it possible for persons who are deaf and blind to manage all sites.

By incorporating Microsoft's active accessibility and Window-Eyes the most complicated shopping carts and sites are now made easy. Filling out the demographic information, credit card info etc. is now easy. We, along with other companies and agencies are working with E-Commerce companies to make sure that descriptions alt-tags and other practical accommodations are made to commonly used sites.

Companies like American Express and their new Blue card have made shopping even easier. With the use of this card demographic information and much more is automated. We plan to further the education of such providers to make this type card a standard rather than an exception.

During this session we will take suggestions for sites to examine. If the site should prove unusable we will discuss what can be done to fix the problem and how to make the site aware of what they should do.

Participants should leave this session with a new found sense of freedom and independence. They will be comfortable exploring E-Commerce in every aspect and gaining that sense of freedom that we all need

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